Flaws and All! What are your characters flaws, negative personality trait, and overall bad quirks?

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I’ll be back to place my two characters down in a bit.

EDIT: I am back to list two of characters.

My Turn:

From The House of Naivin, I have two characters who are Nixora and Kizaris.

Nixora is mean, bitter, unable to trust others, and an overall bitch. It takes time for her to warm up to people she doesn’t know and tries to be a kind, caring, and considerate. She is very reckless and cares little for what others think. Like her older brother Kizaris, she is very guarded and refuses to tell people about herself and meet others half way.

Kizaris is a violent aggressive man who loves to fight and cause major problems. He always thinks he is better than everyone and doesn’t listen to others. He is psycho and people in his organization that the co-leads hates and fears him the most. Kizaris is also a creepy stalker (just a bit) and thinks that he can have any woman he wants, but he only wants on girl.


My mc is alcoholic, and stalkerish about her ex. Possibly racist toward her boss, but they haven’t really interacted much yet so I’m not sure if I’m going to include that. I have an outline, but I keep removing things that turn out to be unnecessary. (♯^.^ღ)

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Doesn’t seem like the type of person you want to be around, huh?

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Oddly, she’s the hero of the story, the one you empathize with. By the end of the book she’s no longer those things, assuming I write her character arc well. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

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Ah, I see. Don’t fret, you are going to write her really well. :grin:

Yeah, my character is the hero of my story, but she is just a sad and angry bitch with trust issues and issues overall. Same applies to her older brother as well.

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My MC struggles hard with social anxiety and awkwardness. He’s a fairly guarded person and has difficulties being emotional honest because he doesn’t want to burden others (especially since this story takes place during the apocalypse, which is already mentally taxing for everyone) and doesn’t want people to view him differently. He worries a lot about the future and has a tendency to ruminate and obsess over mistakes that he makes, occasionally causing him to catastrophize, meaning that he’ll assume that a minor mistake / slip-up will cause massive worst-case scenario consequences. This leads him to generally direct blame inwards towards himself and causes him to have low self-confidence and esteem.

My MC’s younger sister is bratty and caustic. In the beginning of the story, she’s often acts pretty spoiled and has a lot of attitude, which leads to other characters getting annoyed at her. She often acts a bit selfishly and is quite reckless at times, often forcing my MC into situations where he’d have to cover up her antics. She also lacks a strong moral compass and doesn’t have many qualms about lying and pushing other peoples’ buttons, which often puts her in conflict with the rest of the family. Also, much like my MC, she isn’t particularly emotionally honest, and uses her caustic attitude to cover up any emotional vulnerabilities.

My MC’s older sister is the opposite in that her biggest flaw is that she tends to be very moralistic, and has strongly held convictions that she doesn’t let go. Sometimes, she can get preachy and gets upset when people disagree with her (especially when people lie to her) or break promises that can be impossible to keep. She’s fairly emotionally driven, which can lead to reckless behavior that puts her family in danger, and is often overly trusting in people, a trait that is both a blessing and curse during the apocalypse. She also has a bit of a savior complex and can be fairly stubborn and unwilling to change.

My MC’s lover interest’s biggest flaw is that he has a fairly unhealthy way of dealing with loss that directly contrasts with my MC. While my MC tends to obsess over loss and contemplates it a lot from a variety of different angles, the love interest is the complete opposite, in that he wants to let the loss go and move on as quickly as he can without dealing with the emotions associated with it. He often adopts a positive and sociable persona that gives the illusion of emotional vulnerability and allows for him to pretend that he has moved on and is alright, even if that takes a massive toll on him mentally. He’s also not particularly good at survival related things (except for medicine and knot-tying) and can be overly trusting with others since he struggles without social connection.

My MC’s dad is very stubborn and prideful and has difficulties adapting to change, occasionally beneficial but often to the detriment to his family. He is emotionally guarded and attempts to put up an image of strength to conceal the trauma he’s experiencing as a result of witnessing hundreds of people dying as a result of the tidal tsunamis on the first night of the apocalypse that results in his irrational fear of the ocean. My MC’s mom’s biggest flaw is that she’s not a fan of arguing and is always seeking compromise, regardless of how good the compromise is. However, she’s not a pushover and tends to get tunnel-visioned into making whatever deal she crafted work, especially when other people don’t approve of it, and can get quite pushy and rude / blunt when she’s annoyed.

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My MC, Errol has clinical psychopathy, so even though he seems charismatic, he’s actually got very low empathy and has a hard time making genuine emotional connections with others. He’s selfish and manipulative as well, so, often ends up betraying others or using them like pawns only to throw them under the bus when they’ve served their purpose and are no longer useful to him. Life is a game to him and he intends to win, no matter who he has to step on to get to the top.

He’s pretty much a compulsive liar and very secretive about himself, not trusting others easily. Even though he understands what others consider morally right or wrong for the most part (it is subjective after all, but he’s good at reading people) he himself doesn’t understand the point of morals and has practically no scruples at all. He only conforms to other people’s morals in order to avoid consequences. He also is a very jealous and possessive person.

Over all, he’s just a terrible person that is very good at making other people think he’s wonderful because he’s such a talented manipulator.

Oddly enough, he’s the protagonist in my story, despite all this. Not a hero by any means, but the one you’re supposed to root for. Although he will not be magically cured of his flaws by the end of the book, he will make progress towards becoming a better person to the point that he at least isn’t an outright villain. He’s got low empathy, but not no empathy, so when he does manage to make a genuine emotional connection with someone else, he tries to make changes for them to be better. He still doesn’t quite get the whole “being good just to be good” thing, but he can at least be good for the people he cares about because it matters to them, and they matter to him.

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Here are two characters each from three stories. The first is a WIP.

From The Rat Girl

Bethany: rude, narcissistic, selfish, bitter, “I’m a poor little victim, waah”, and controlling. These are most of the traits of her fake identity Celeste. You can almost say Celeste is probably made up of the negative traits of Bethany. Bethany, in her core, is a kind person with a little bit of selfishness.

Marcus: Hero complex. “I’m going to save you and you are going to be saved. You will love me and thank me.” And, “Step aside, I will do the saving and I will do the leading.” The worst part is he is unaware that he comes off this way. He thinks he’s being helpful.

From Alive At Crepusculum

Everyone displays their flaws out in the open. In fact, it’s probably a story about flaws.

Richard: selfish narcissistic controller. Tendency to murder rich people. He believes those around him are there to serve him. Not a flaw, but he doesn’t understand friendship or any love type of connections due to being a psychopath. He was born without the ability to understand that very well.

Mallord: Hero complex and gets inside his own head to try to solve problems himself because he is a detective. Is not good at opening up and hates admitting his wrongs although he’s slightly aware of them. He avoids mistakes until they become the worst thing.

From Paws Chase Murder Case

Scotch: Helpless and hopeless romantic. He’s aware of this himself, but he just can’t help it. He will fall in love with someone before really knowing them. This gets him into trouble with deciding who to trust. Tendency to trust those who are kind to him. He might be rather reserved, but he’s also quite social and can make friends easily unlike his friend Mason.

Mason: Flirty to his detriment. Called the reckless romantic, he gets his heart broken more times than getting a date. Despite his easy-going-ness with females, he won’t make many male friends other then his best friend Scotch. Trusts Scotch to make friends for him, almost. Will be friends only with those that Scotch is friends with. Not really social. Well, he’s a feline hybrid. What do you expect? :stuck_out_tongue:

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