Found the Font, lost the dang post.


I had to clean up that first word like crazy to get the searches to accept that it wasn’t patches of background, but this is the font, whomever was looking…OR it’s so similar, I’m not seeing the difference. It’s a $20 font. Next search is going to be off the sample for the font, to see what else is turned up.

The aged version. $20.



So, a few free fonts that remind me of this one:

Free for personal use:

The problem is finding a standard print crossed with calligraphy scrollwork.

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Pretty font! Here’s some more free alternatives.

@deathinreverie I think you were looking for this font?

This is a very useful font.

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@novel_worm Yep, it was me! :grin:

@J.L.O Thank you for finding this! :smiley:

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I was curious, too. Lol