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Mood: Contemplative, Thoughtful, Curious
Genre: Out of my comfort zone, but Historical / Literary mixed.
Specific: Nothing really

This is an old cover, but I’d like to know if there’s something that needs to be done about this.

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First thought: Wow, what a beautiful cover and it looks so real like I would see it at a bookstore!

Second thought: Not sure how it’s historical, but it does seem like it could be a literary fiction.

Three things:


I’m not sure what’s going on with the bottom part of the black woman’s dress. It looks like she’s melting into the path like the Wicked Witch of the West does in the Wizard of Oz (for the first time I’m realizing how many Ws are in there…anyway,) I think it’s the shading on the bottom matching all too well with the shading around the author name. Also the shading right below the woman’s stomach, something makes it look like it flattens out from there and she’s melting.

The era

I wanted to say something about the era, but I also want to say that whatever blurb goes there would most definitely aid the cover in showing the era. But as of now, I’m not sure what the era is supposed to be. It’s not clear when the story is supposed to take place. And you can show that through how the people dress and the background buildings.

That brick…bridge? Wall? Could be any era and anywhere. But while I do say this, as I mentioned in the beginning, the blurb could definitely help.

The lighting

This is something I noticed after staring at the cover, wondering why it seems a little off. It’s not just the melting dress, but the lighting on the characters. Maybe it’s supposed to look like a light is shining on them but in that case, where are their shadows behind them? Also, I think the walls nearest to them would have more light on them and not shrouded in shadows.

I’m not sure if the mood is contemplative. I would guess some light historical fiction especially since the characters are smiling and in the light.

But those are my thoughts. Let me know if you have any questions :smile:

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Okay so all of this is definitely expected :sweat_smile:
The dress looks odd because I tried to draw it onto her (before I had any idea of how to do that)
The lighting definitely needs a lot more work, and I didn’t know that when I made this cover, perhaps. Idk what I was thinking lol.
As for the time period…
I haven’t yet researched the era, so I picked something generic for the time being lol. Once I do, I hope to change that

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Good luck on it :wink: Come again once you’ve made it. I’d like to see it redone :grin:

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