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Offering: Quality Covers, made with Magic Fox’s magic paws. Some can take up to 2 hours to make. WARNING: I might not always be able to get the exact people (exact clothes, hair style, etc.) using stock photos, but I try my best.

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This is all you need to know about Magic Fox, your cover designer. Password is Wait For Acceptance.



  1. Must not remove teeny tiny watermark.
  2. Must use cover for two weeks before changing. Preferably use it for longer though :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. If this is not for Wattpad or Imagine Ink, tell me in the form.
  4. PAYMENT None. This is made free because I want to make covers so badly.
  5. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Be kind to me please. I’m just a fox. Also, covers can take up to 2 hours to make. Some can take a few days even because I’m looking for good pics. Magic takes time.


Tagline: (a simple short tagline is better for design purposes. taglines that are long sentences can make your cover look crowded with text)
Author Name: (you don’t have to @ yourself. If you want your username as the author name, don’t put the @ mark)
Blurb and Description: (along with your book blurb, include the physical description of your MC if you want them on the cover. be as detailed with your summary as possible)
Mood of the cover: (use adjectives. creepy, romantic, sweet, cute, dystopian, magical, etc.)
Colors: Pick 1~2 palettes from this site and no more.
Inspiration: (give me something that is important to your story. a place, a time of day, a scenery, an animal, an object…anything. Be specific. Pictures will help and if you have a story aesthetics board, even better)
Anything Else?:


Tagline vs Subtitle, what’s the difference?
Check this post here.

What about faceclaims or fanfic?
I only use commercially okay pics so I cannot do faceclaims or fanfic covers that require a known person or an original character to be on the cover. I can, however, find similar-looking people whose pictures I can use. If that’s okay with you, you can request :slight_smile:

You’re not really a fox, are you?
I’m a PhD student and aspiring author. The cover designer is the fox :fox_face: :stuck_out_tongue:

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just wanted to pop in and say these are gorgeous!

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Thank you :blush:

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This has been made free because who cares about payment? I wanna make covers for people.

Title: Love at Last Sight
Author Name: A.J. Morgan
Summary: MMC - light brown hair, hazel eyes, preferably taller and broader than the FMC if they’ll both be on the cover.
FMC - blond, blue eyes, and plus size.
Mood of the cover: Solemn and sweet. Genre is Romance, and general fiction/New adult
Colors: Rose Flora, Pine udAc
Inspiration: Male MC is blind, so maybe a blind cane or sightseeing dog. The MCs met in a park with a lake, and it’s a recurring spot for them.
Anything Else?: Thank you, and if you’re not sure you can make it or if you need anything added upon please let me know.
Password: wait for acceptance

Could you include the summary of your book? Tell me what it’s about. Thanks :slight_smile:

Title: All’s Fair in Love and Baking

Subtitle: None

Tagline: What do you do when the line between love and hate becomes blurred?

Author Name: Fondness_Fantasies

Blurb and Description:

Teagan has always been known as a traditional baker. She loves baking sweets and almost all of her specialties are loaded with butter. People flock from all over town to visit her bakery, Creative Confections. Her goal to become the best baker in town seems to be in jeopardy when a vegan bakery opens up nearby.

The owner is a fun loving man who is open to modern ways of baking, clashing with Teagan’s focused methods. Even worse, the owner’s son has adopted the same attitude. Gradually, Creative Confections loses its long-built reputation to their rivals. Is Teagan willing to give up so easily?

I would like for the guy and girl to look like this (picture below).

Female MC: light brown skin, brown eyes, natural brown hair, preferably shorter than the male MC

Male MC: Dark brown skin, warm, brown eyes, black hair

Mood of the cover: Sweet, cute, romantic, friendly competition theme. Book is chicklit YA romcom

Colors: Pick 1~2 palettes from this site and no more. Teal Lilac Ao3 theme please

Inspiration: I would like a bakery to be in the background of the cover, along with both the guy and girl standing back to back with each other.

Anything Else?: thank you! If you need anything else, please let me know!

Password: wait for acceptance

Hi, sorry, denied. You asked for the same cover from me before (maybe you don’t remember? :stuck_out_tongue: it wasn’t so long ago) and you didn’t want it. I don’t think I can do any better than I did before.

I forgot. Sorry about that. :sweat_smile:

No worries :slight_smile: I hope you can find the cover you’re looking for :smile:

Title: Imperial Thunder
Subtitle: n/a
Tagline: Book 1 of The Mating Games
Author Name: written by layla
Blurb and Description: this is a werewolf story. Mating games take place every 5 years and is invitation only. Wolves go through 8 days of tasks and challenges to get to know their mate better and in this book, the story of two wolves is told. Alpha Ezekiel Masters and Beta Andreas Tremblay who are best friends but have two completely different views on mates, and are granted two completely different fates
Mood of the cover: fantasy, magical, slightly on the dark side
Colors: palette but I’m mostly going for a black, white/grey and orange/gold colour scheme cover
Inspiration: i would like for two males on the cover: Simon Nessman and this guy. i don’t know his name. but perhaps maybe 2 wolves at the bottom of the cover? i’d love to see what you come up with
Anything Else?: thank you!
Password: Wait for acceptance!

Hi :slight_smile: I can’t use real people (as in they are celebrities or models and they’re pictures are not commercially okay), but I can try to find people that look like them. Let me know if that’s okay with you.

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yeah, that’s completely fine! :slight_smile: I’m not too bothered, just one with dark brown hair, and other with darker hair than that, and medium skin tones, too. thanks!

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Alright, accepted! :smile:

I’m really busy with my research right now, so it might be a while (a week maybe?), but I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:

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hi :slight_smile: how’s the cover going?

Hi, I had people coming over this weekend. Sorry it’s taking so long. I’ll have your cover soon :slight_smile: If you need a cover immediately, and the other artists are okay with it, you can thread-hop and go to other shops :slight_smile: I’ll still make your cover though.