Funny or Disastrous Group Project Stories?

I know I’m going to regret bringing this up. I was watching JaidenAnimations’ group project story and got all frustrated with some of my own experiences. Then, I wondered about other people’s stories.

Maybe we can laugh about the ridiculousness of this stuff. Tell me your group project stories.

Here’s mine. It’s long.

A Creative Writing Class Group Project

I was in a creative writing class in my senior year at my university. At the end of the class, we were made to get into a group, critique each other’s stories, and then present them as a group to the class. There were five people including me. Two girls, two guys, and me. The two girls and one guy, they’re okay. The other guy…Jim (I’ll call him), hardly ever talked and if asked a question, barely responded.

So, based on our stories, lead girl…Aria (fake name) has a great idea. What if we presented our stories as if it was one story? And then for each person, we create a slide with something on it that represents our stories? Oh cool! The professor would love if we did that, she says.

Aria decides the order based on our stories and for some reason Guy (not Jim, the other guy) says it would be cool to make it like a “How I Met Your Mother” thing.

I wasn’t up for this silliness. The professor just wanted us to critique each other and read our final versions in class. Not some elaborate show, ARIA. But whatever. She was all sparkly eyes about it. So what if she wanted to stand out because she may, or may not have had a crush on the young professor :woman_shrugging:

Beginning with a story about a grandfather remembering a grandmother (Guy), sisters playing and meeting a talking banana (Aria’s and yes, it did have a talking banana with gloves and shoes), a story about a man going to a new town (Jim), a story about a journey into a fairytale, and at the end, my fantasy story. And then Aria’s idea was to have Guy say to the audience at the end, “And that’s how I met your grandmother!”

It was going to be funny, apparently.

For the three weeks leading up to that, each week we only have class once but we have two periods in a row. During that time, we critique each other’s stories, get to know each other, but Jim is ABSENT. He doesn’t even come to class from that first day we formed the group. He just appeared that first day. No answer to his email.

The slides, so, I volunteered to make the slides. I’d been making book covers at that time already, so a little bit of graphic art would be no problem. I ask people’s preferences and think yes, I’ve gotten something nice. I send it in the group. No one says thank you when they get the final product and two of the people swap my photos with some weird thing they picked up off the internet :upside_down_face:

It’s totally fine because I made my slide look EPIC. Take that.

Anyway, coming close to presentation day, it’s the class week before. Jim is absent. Not a peep. We don’t even know if he’s changing his story or what. After class, finally Jim sends his paper to us and says he changed it. Based on the story, it should come first. So, Aria takes it upon herself to email Jim that he will be first. Jim has no slide for his reading, but what can we do? :woman_shrugging: I’m not about to make something he might change :unamused:

But I read it out of curiosity. And WOW. The first two pages looked like some professional author wrote it. A striking contrast, the last page and a half looked like a new writer wrote it. In other words, it looks as if he had someone write half his story and the last bit he added himself. I saw his other work. He’s a Level 1 or 2 writer.

What??? What is going on? And why??? None of our writing was professional level perfect. Why do that?

Well, at least he sent it in :confused:

Day of the presentation, Jim IS NOT THERE. But Aria wants us to go first (because she wants to show off or whatever). So, thanks to her, we go first, down a man. I’m worried. Jim is not here. It won’t work without him here! Aria and Guy are talking like we should just make Jim go last…

Just right before we get started, right as we all huddle in the front before the screen, Jim shows up, staggering in. And Aria tells him he’s first, hurry!

He looks so shocked. “I’m first???” As if he didn’t know. We all thought Aria told him. And then Aria looks at Guy, “I thought you told him”.

:roll_eyes: well.

Jim reading his story, he didn’t sound like he was reading something he wrote. Like, he was reading someone else’s work. I was positive now he cheated.

But we got through it. Guess what? No one got Aria’s joke of “How I Met Your Grandmother”. No one.

At the end, Jim had nothing to say for himself. Aria did question him about his no-show. He was silent. I wish he had at least explained himself. And guess what? All the rest of the classes until the end of the semester, Jim had vanished but came the last day :roll_eyes:

I still have those slides and when I look at them, it makes me cringe. I’m also certain Jim cheated.


i got a 0 for work i didn’t do

fuck people named sean


You mean someone in the group took responsibility and gave poor results?


he didn’t even do anything which gave the entire group a 0


So, in uni, we had to do this group presentation where we essentially taught a lesson. A friend and I were one person short and we didn’t have to team up with anyone else if everyone was comfortable where they were.

Then one butthead decided to ask the teaching assistant to join anyone that was open to it. The teaching assistant asked me and my friend, we said only if this guy does his work and cooperated.

Spoiler alert he didn’t cooperate.

I’ve never seen this kid show up to our classes so we had no space to talk to him in person. So, I emailed the guy asking what his schedule was like so we can practice in person and deliver the presentation well to get a good mark. I said that we were planning to meet up Wednesday since it worked for me and my friend’s schedules and we don’t know what his schedule is like. The guy doesn’t reply, we thought it was weird, he showed up in the lecture going “it’s me, the guy you don’t know, Wednesday is cool.”

So we thought we were alright. But then he said he couldn’t make the meet-up day because he had a class. I told him in the email we were specific on the time, place, and date and he had already agreed to it. He tried to change the meet-up time to at the university that very day. Mind you, we had a lecture in the time he proposed and he was obviously not there even tho he was supposed to be there too.

Then we were like It’s either Wednesday or Thursday. The presentation was coming up the week after and we didn’t have time. He said he couldn’t do Thursday because he had work that day. I was like “No, we’re not doing this. Why are you arguing with us last minute if you had these concerns you should’ve brought it up last week and emailed us properly that week.”

Then he decided he wanted to take charge of the project.

He said that he didn’t like that our method of working as we were placing our script and slide information on google docs then putting it on PowerPoint. He insisted on using Prezi. We were like first of all, Prezi had a limited amount of designs, second of all, that room doesn’t get internet half the time and most people needed to have backups or downloads of their presentations and we’re not going to start our finished thing onto Prezi. Now my friend and I didn’t trust this guy as not only was he trying to change plans last minute but he was also not trustworthy. No way are we letting this guy ruin our presentation. We’re getting marked as a group. Also his contribution so far we had no idea what the hell he was doing but his information was 100% wrong. It did not give us any confidence in him.

He was being hostile as he was only thinking of himself and not the group and I was done with this buttface. I told him I’m forwarding all the emails to the teaching assistant and that we’re going to go ahead with our planned meet-ups. He was like “Go ahead, I’ll be forwarding the emails too and I’ll be asking to present my part alone and I won’t have to be marked with you.”

Teaching assistant next day seemed really apologetic about the situation as she threw the guy into our group and he was a butt. We were told that he will have to choose a new topic, and make his presentation the mandatory length (15 minutes) and we will have to finish up his part. Not a huge issue since I wanted to change his part anyways and friend and I split his part like originally planned but I never saw his face in that class again and I’m very sure he failed.

(Got an A on that presentation so that’s great)


Appalled :scream:


Am I allowed to laugh? I can already see this going downhill.

After all that with the meeting date, how dare he.

Oh gees. Why didn’t he just do it himself in the first place? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet victory! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yes XD

Yeah, it was exactly a week after we emailed and asked him too like… why didn’t he just email us if he saw all that.

If he did it alone he had to do a full presentation for 15 mins. He was trying to present only 5 mins marked alone. I think it might’ve been his stupid plan in the first place to paint us as difficult to work with. But then he just ended up looking like an idiot.


Ended up doing 15 min anyway, looks like :grin: Unless he tried to get out of presenting all the way?

Reminded me of this two-people presentation thing I had to do. Presenting on a topic for class discussion. This was during my Master’s at university so, I expected good things. The guy I worked with was supposed to present his part, but even after we divided the work, he never contacted me back and didn’t come to the presentation day.

I presented my part and the teacher touched on the topic the guy was supposed to present. The guy never came. He didn’t even respond to my emails. The teacher said he would have a word with the guy.

(so far it’s only guys that have been a pain, but I’ve had group projects where girls were a pain :stuck_out_tongue: )


I have a feeling he didn’t do it at all and got a 0.

Geezzzzz I hate these type of people. This happened to me once with a girl too


I wonder what they are expecting :stuck_out_tongue: I want to get into their brain and understand their thought process. His presentation was going to be part of his grade.


They hope they get marked as a group I bet and get easy grades


They hope. But nope :stuck_out_tongue:




There was one group project - not necessarily a nightmare with the ending, but I remember it annoying me a fair bit. Sort of like a stubbed toe >~> Irritating/sore, but nothing could really be done.

For a social science project, we had to research ‘sections’ of material and create a speech. It was going well, but our group was moving at a glacial pace, with varying levels of productivity (talking in class, etc. ^^"). In the end I ended up having to work on an extra section to finish our info part.

Then studies switched to online, and I contacted a group member about some information for the project… A few days passed, then about a week and I never heard back…

So I messaged the instructor about our groups situation. She told me to “just leave it” and that it wouldn’t count towards marks - which I suppose was lucky. But overall it was a rather sour and disappointing experience. It seemed like nobody wanted to finish the presentation - akin to a stalemate : /


Oof :sweat_smile: That sounds annoying. So, some of the group just ghosted?


Yep, all of them did rip :joy:




It was pretty chaotic because of switching to online - I don’t think anyone checked their emails/group doc :joy:


I hate group projects. I always end up doing all the work, and someone definately ends up cheating and f□cking up everything :roll_eyes: