Give me all your characters and all their nicknames

I know you guys are going to go all in for this.

Give all your characters and their various nicknames. Tell me who gave them the nickname, why the nickname, and whether they like it or not.

I actually don’t reveal or give my characters nicknames all that often :stuck_out_tongue:

Here's some of mine

Nickname: Pinny, poocha, pinti-pinti

The first one is from her friend, Aln. He started it. He’s always nicknaming his friends. Poocha is from her parents. It’s a common name of endearment for children. Similar to “sweetie” or “honey” in our world. Pinti-pinti is a joke nickname from Aln and Kirlan because Pinti’s name means “the sound of rain” literally taken from the onomatopoeia of the sound of rain in her race’s language.

She doesn’t like pinti-pinti, but the rest are fine.

Nickname: Keer, daffodil. Aln started “Keer” and now all his friends call him Keer. He likes this nickname. As for “daffodil” it is a Universal word that sounds like a word in his native language that means “tiny” or “short” and Kirlan used to be a lot shorter than Pinti. She used to tease him about it and call him “daffodil”. He doesn’t like it.

Nickname: Cherry. Aln gave her this nickname which she says she hates, but she actually likes it and is embarrassed to admit.

Now do some of yours’ :wink: I might come back and add to my list.


Mateo - Duende (dwarf, by Chuck), Teo (by Ricky) and Mariposa.
Enrique - Ricky (everyone), Rique (Fur Ass). His Pops also calls him Enrique, and he’s the only one. Everyone else calls him Ricky.
Yancey - Chuck (everyone). Literally no one calls him Yancey, except his Mother lol.
Hector - Fur Ass (everyone), thanks to Ricky.


all 300+ or like, just the current + important ones? :rofl:


oh that’s who Fur Ass is. i’ve been wondering


Yes, Fur Ass is Ricky’s fraternal twin brother.

He gave him the nickname because he started puberty before him and teased him and said you have a fur ass and it stuck. Ricky started to call him it, and introduce him as Fur Ass and now it’s canon.

Chuck’s middle name is Carlos, and he didn’t like his first name, Yancy, so he started to go by Chuck, a shortening of Carlos.


I responded to a couple of other posts with things related to one of my fantasy stories and now I’m invested so let’s do that one again :eyes:

Carlos gets called “dork” affectionately by Greta, “dumb dumb” by Ren (origanally an insult but it became affectionate as she softened towards the group), and “hero” by the kingdom he was origanally from.

George gets called “magic boy” by Fox and “doofus” by Ren.

Ren gets called “meanie” by Chloe at first, then “sunny” when Ren starts being nice.

Fox gets called “red” by everyone and “bestie” by Ren.


I domt think much about it.

A Tad Cute is Anise’s mental description of Vance early on, but she has him saved under 4HTall.

Anise’s best friend calls her Apple Jack.


I’m still trying to come up with the funniest names I can think of and avoid using nicknames since they might not be funny anymore if they were shortened. But this is what I have so far:

Agatha » Aggie
Mortimer » Morty
Gertrude » Gertie


Ok right here we go. Just a couple of my favs.

Yessei Mahyemai – No real meaning except Mah-Yemai means “of Yemai”, who is her mother.
Nicknames: “Seisei” from her younger sister

Ansi Mahyemai – Again, same last name deal

In Iziser – In is the family name (from Ihine) and Iziser is the given name
Nicknames: “Izi” around the palace. “Emeistezon” from his title as a Hero of Cognition

Hotautebz Az – Az here is the surname, while Hotautebz is the given name
Nicknames: “Hota” from Izi. They have a similar title that I’m too lazy to go find lol

In Taguchif – In here is the surname again (she’s Izi’s sister) while Taguchif is the given name
Nicknames: “Tagif” as a contraction of the final two syllables. “Explosion girl” from @/DollyTH’s character Haley in the IYC thread long long ago haha


He doesn’t remember the other half of his name anymore, so Vale calls him variations of Webberta, Webby, Spiderwebb, Webster, etc…
Webb is a nickname itself, I guess, since his real name is Ryan Webber.

He also gets called jacka$$ enough for it to be considered a nickname. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Newblood - called by Vale because Skye’s new in town lol.
Smallfry - called by Orville because she’s small.

He goes by Crow nowadays, but that’s also a nickname, since he can’t remember his real name anymore (it’s Tamzi). He was found alone in the desert without any of his memories by Orville and Blackburne. He was covered in crows, and Blackburne and Orville thought really hard about what to call him. :rofl:

He’s also called:

  • The Prince of Light and Shadows
  • The Prince of Monsters
  • The Dark Prince
  • The shadowman
  • The Great Deceiver
  • After’s Betrayer
  • The Usurper

He hates all of those lol.

Nicknames he does accept are:

  • Birdlord
  • “Your Majesty”

Webb calls her Kiki cuz it’s cute lol


This dino has a funny name.


Ashley - Little Angel, Dove
Little Angel came from her companion, Zorik, when they first met. Zorik greeted her with ‘Shalom, Little Angel.’ This soon became Ashley’s nickname / call-sign among her new friends (mercenaries).
Dove came from her younger brother, Uric, when he found Ashley crying on her bed after a bad day at school. Uric loved studying birds and the dove was his favourite. So Uric began calling Ashley ‘his Dove.’
Both names are references to Ashley’s (full) albinism, and she doesn’t mind.

Zorik - Great Brute (GB)
Great Brute came from Zorik’s former Sayeret captain, and close friend, Jacob. Although Zorik was recruited into the Golani Brigade when he enlisted, Jacob ‘borrowed’ the GB for his team’s assignments whenever possible. Zorik and Jacob remained friends after their military service, and Zorik’s nickname stayed.
Great Brute is a reference to Zorik’s mountainous size and strength, and he liked the humour. Despite the name’s suggestion, Zorik is quite passive and gentle (until someone upsets is friends…When the Lieutenant is angered, hell visits the earth…).

Wolff - Wolffie
Wolffie came from his daughter, Krista (12 at the time), when she tried to repair their relationship after she broke his nose. Krista was upset by the news of her older brother’s (Gur’s) death. Krista claimed she ‘didn’t want to lose her Wolffie too.’ So Wolff adopted the nickname as his call-sign (among the mercenaries) to always reassure her. Wolff carries the nickname into battle with an energising pride.

Dov - Bear, Mister Commando
Dov is Hebrew for bear. Dov’s family is not Jewish, they’re agnostic pagan (Viking), but they have a generations-old friendship with the Jewish community. Dov’s family name Shaul* came from his great-grandparents’ rabbinical friends as a reward for their loyalty and many favours. Dov’s family began using the nickname bear to reference the growing teenager’s ever-increasing size and strength. Dov quite enjoyed the name, although no one outside his family used it.

*Shaul is Hebrew for ‘Honoured gentile who performs great deeds for the Jewish community’ (or so I’ve read).

Mister Commando came from Krista (14) when they met, and after Krista learnt Dov had served in the Australian Commandos. At first, Krista uses the nickname to mock his passive nature or moments of uncertainty, and only because she knows Dov understands her humour…The teasing is in jest, no harm meant (and Dov is not a fool)…Later, Krista uses the nickname as a term of endearment / sign of close friendship.

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It does! Although the story about how it got that name is kinda kyoot. And as dinosaurs go, it’s actually adorable! Love those big eyes. (ღ˘ᴗ˘ღ)

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Which ever ones you want to do :wink:

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Do they all like their nicknames or are some of them trying to get rid of the nicknames?

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Do they like their nicknames?

That’s cute :blush:

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Amneris - Amneris is actually her nickname :joy:, she also has A.K. (short for her full name), Kari (by her brother), Queenie (by Jay), Helia (by her father)

Leonidas - Leo (he goes by this), Le (by Amneris)

Nykesha - Nikki (she goes by this), Niks and Nik (by the Court / her friends)

Carmin - Car (by the Court / her friends), Vision Lady (by Jay)

Daniel - Dan (he goes by this), Danny (by Amneris)

Jason - Jay (he goes by this)

Kayla - Kay (by the Court / her friends)

Hathor - Hathy (by the Court / her friends), Helia / Princess (by her friends and enemies), baby (her mum), Lioness (by Jay (it’s funny if you know the mythology))


I don’t think I’ve heard you talk about this name before. Who is Aluki?

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I’m looking at all your characters’ nicknames and realizing I really have very few characters with nicknames :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of nicknames, I don’t get why and how William is Bill XD Those are two different people!

Anyway, I could claim I have a lot of nicknames by saying that my shapeshifting shadow race all have nicknames because their real name is personal information only shared with close friends.


All of them like it except Fur Ass.