Goals for next year?

Even if you don’t have particular goals (like you’re actually not trying to aim for) do you have goals you’d at least like to achieve or get closer to achieving for next year?

And a bonus question: did you achieve any from this year?


As for me, I had a few goals set for this last year. Some of them were:

  • Finish my novel. I thankfully got that done and now starting the third draft.

  • Change jobs. It took me two times to get the job I wanted, but I completely changed industries.

  • Read more books I did the previous year. In 2021, I read 17 books. I just finished my 18th, so that’s a win. Lol

  • Travel a bit. We surprisingly made our way up to Ohio a few times this year, and to Colorado. I even did actual camping which was on the list as well.

For my goals for this new year, I hope to…

  • Get through a few more revisions on my book. At least, like, make it to the 5th or 6th draft.

  • Lose weight. It’s always on every goal list of mine and it doesn’t really work, but I think this year, I want to try something different. To me, I’m always focused on the numbers and if I’m exercising and eating smaller portions, etc. but it doesn’t work. So my main goal (to which I hope helps me lose weight) is to not actually try to lose weight like previous years. I want to get into better habits or eating healthier, smaller portions without actually thinking about “Will this cause me to lose a pound this week?” Getting into this healthier mindset should at least help kickstart it.

  • Move. My sisters and I have talked about moving for the past two years now and they’re set on already moving (mostly to Ohio, where our other sister lives). While it’s on the list, I doubt our living situations will change just because of money and timing, but who knows what life would bring?

  • Travel and go to the beach. We’re making plans to go to California or Florida this upcoming summer because we (mostly me, though) want to see the ocean. I haven’t been since 2018, and I have been yearning for it since then! I also wouldn’t mind making our way to Disneyland lol. I’ve been saving money since earlier this year for this specifically. But besides that, I also wouldn’t mind traveling up to Ohio a few times and at least getting away from the small town for a day or so.

  • Moving up in my job… at some point. My main title is customer service (work in a library, by the way), and I know I’ll continue to be this title, but I want a little bit more responsibility, a little bit more to do other than calling people for their overdues and being at the desk. I am doing magazine managing and processing which is cool, and I received the news earlier this week that I’ll start helping out with teen/adult programs and events because they need someone (and can’t hire a new person) and someone who knows teens (works perfectly since I have a teen sister… and read/write YA lol) and this is even cooler because I get hands on experience with it and hopefully get to put more insight on what we can do. I know this wouldn’t be a full new year thing where it’ll completely change, but at least learning new things and doing different stuff would suffice.

  • Get a new car. Not a brand new one, of course, but I’m currently driving my parents’ car which is kind of meh because of some issues I’ve had with it and that they never fixed when they’ve been out here (and knew about them). But I’ve come to a point in my young adult life that I need to buy my first car, especially now that I was approved for a decent sized loan.

  • Read more than eighteen books. It’s a goal of mine every year to read more than I did the previous year, so maybe twenty books would be my main goal for that.

  • Have more self-care days. I mean, yeah, I need to take better care of myself and focus on that—which I do… for the most part. You’d be surprised at how far I’ve come with this within the last three or so years. But I want to have more “at-home” spa days or days where I just do whatever I want without thinking I need to have someone else there, you know?

  • Finish another story

  • Read and review more than four books

  • Make my PowerPC useable online


Simply: don’t get derailed 24/7.

  1. Getting a handle on my mental health and other things related to my mental health.

  2. Finishing my big novel series.

  3. Taking charge and taking back my life.

  4. Self-discovery and healing.

That’s all I got.


• read 100 books for the Goodreads Challenge

• go to the fitness center more than three times a week

• finish my wip

• try to start a webcomic

We’ll see how all that goes… ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

  • Read at least 5 books (whether published or online)
  • Finish a wip and/or start a new one
  • Pass the 2nd year of pharmacy school + learn plenty during the hospital pharmacy practice on summer
  • Keep a consistent workout routine (this year it was 15 to 20 minutes once or twice a week, not very consistent though, so we can improve on time management to make it work)
  • Continue developing my hobbies (mainly crocheting new stuff, plus writing and drawing)

Let’s see how it goes (^.^=)


I’ll soon need to make one of these for IG, so this is a good topic.

Finishing writing lion girl story
Finishing writing rat girl story
Edit my magic realism duology
Begin rewrite of my blue feline story (takes priority over magic realism duology)

Then I shall see if I can be ambitious and work on a novel from scratch again

And I also will see if I can write another novella
And also need to fix short-tempered thief story and begin posting it on Wattpad

Also read at least 20 books like I did this year.
Grow my TikTok following, I guess?

Aaand, idk. I think that’s about it.

As for what I achieved this year, I have to check IG for that :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Finish draft 4 of DBD
  • Start and finish draft 2 of HitH
  • Script draft 0 of the apocalyptic fox book (maybe?)
  • Rewrite the magical cat book (maybe?}
  • Join more book clubs on Wattpad
  • Keep on drawing stuff
  • Take more than one class at my community college.
  • Take some steps to be less of a manchild.

That’s about it, I suppose.

  • Finish either of my two on-going books (or beat 70k words, my yearly avg) :memo:
  • Keep up my grades while taking care of my health and my home
  • Graduate with my Bachelor’s degree + find a job, possibly in the field
  • Finally make that appointment I need for hand surgery :fearful:
  • Get comfortable with voice-to-texting since I’m going to need it
  • Get my next sash in shaolin kung fu :ninja:

I never remember what my goals for the year are by the end of the year. Honestly, I feel like I forget them by the time March rolls around :joy: but it’s always fun setting the year with a good tone and a positive vibe. I think most of my goals are obtainable, and I’m already on the path to finishing them. It’s just going to be a matter of being kind to myself, when I’m usually not, and staying focused.

This past year, I had a lot of things working against me, and yet I did achieve quite a bit. I’m not quite content with where I’m at, but I know I did what I could with the energy and time I had, so I’m going to be kind to myself and know that this coming year will turn out much better. I did kind of overload myself at college this next semester. I’ll be VP of a club, working an internship, taking 6 classes, and doing lots of study group sessions - it’ll be a lot, but, honestly, I think I do better when I’m busy, and I’m feeling pretty excited for it all.

You all have such great goals, too. I hope you have a great rest of the year, and a wonderful start to the new year! :star2:


can i at least have until new years day to figure this out :joy:


That sounds cool.


My biggest goals this year were to finish the first draft of Shelter, rewrite both Asunder and Of Blood and Ashes, and just keep building my social media/newsletter following as much as possible. Which were all going really well until my son ended up diagnosed with a life-chaging autoimmune disease and I ended up unexpectedly pregnant right after…so all goals except surviving kinda got thrown out :joy:

I’m expecting baby in February and planning to take a couple months off after birth, so no real goals to buckle down on until probably May. But after that I’d really like to rebuild my social media and finally finish Shelter. And if I can get either Of Blood and Ashes or Asunder edited and into the prep stages, even if I can’t actually release it until 2024, I’ll be really happy. But I’m not sure how realistic that is, we’ll see how things go.


tbh I didn’t really get to achieve any of the goals I’d set for myself this year :sweat_smile: but hopefully these are achieved for next year!

  1. Complete DF’s sequel
  2. Complete PLT
  3. Get back into devouring published books (been in a slump since 2020 ): unfortunately )
  4. Get a part-time job after my birthday
  5. Get a driving license (this depends on funding tho)
  6. Start taking care of my health (physical and emotional)
  7. Make connections
  8. Actually be able to develop habits and stick to the schedules i create
  9. Get a 4.0 GPA for my sem 1 and sem 2 exams
  10. Live, I guess? Actually properly try to enjoy each moment. read, not argue with the fam so much XD
  • Finish NV’s sequel
  • Write at least over 1k words every month till june
  • Finish this year of school
  • Join more communities on WP
  • survive the year?