So, I got to know, what really goes through the minds of an ordinary human character who must vanquish and slay an almighty supreme god or even near high level god in a final battle, and with a “powerful god-slaying” weapon?

Like seriously, without that little plot device or whatever, that ordinary human would be vaporized from existence.

This is mainly in regards to fantasy and science-fiction.

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Like, I want to think it goes like this:

Mentor: Now, (insert character’s name), that you are the chosen hero, you vanquish the ones who have oppressed us for the longest time.

Human Hero: Oh, great, who is my enemy?! A tyrannical monarch? Monstrous foes? What shall be a greatest enemy?

Mentor: The gods.

Human Hero: Gods! That sounds-wait, DID YOU JUST SAY “GODS” ?!

Mentor: Yes, the mighty gods who rule over us in such a tyrannical way that our race is slowly dying out. You must sav-

Human Hero: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Are you seriously telling me I have to face a god or a bunch of them?!

Mentor: Yeah. Why does that seem to bother you?


Mentor: Many of the other heroes before you have done it.

Human Hero: And what happened to them?

Mentor: Well, they are dead. Because you have something they don’t a proper weapon to slay them.

Human Hero: Uh huh? A “mighty” weapon that can kill a god? Do plenty of the heroes who you found buy into your bullshit?

Mentor: :confused:

Most fiction I remember that has a godslayer has them as either primordials (stronger than conceived gods), becoming gods in the process, or they are gods and represent gods themselves. I rarely see them as mere humans because most writers are going to bow to the idea of unequal power.

Those who don’t tend to be the types who dont believe that gods have power in the fiest place, are fakes.

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Lol that’s a funny scenario, I could definitely see a lot of people reacting that way. Personally though, I’d be extatic to have a chance to kill a god. I’m going to die one day anyhow, might as well go down a legend. Plus most of the so called gods in myths are horrible people anyways, and I’m a spiteful little shit that would rather see them dead. Give me a magic god slaying weapon any day, I’m game.

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That makes sense. In order to beat a god, you must be a god or something real close to it.

Xelyn the slayer of gods, the hero of man, and the destroyer of the heavens?!

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Resprezentative of a God, an avatar, can be fully himan, just endowed ny their indulgent god.

What would be funny is instead of just dueling as the gods expect, it goes for the kill, scari g the snit out of its marshmallow deity.

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Marshmallow deity? LOL!

An avatar would do wonders though.

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Seeing this picture makes me realize that some of the heroes be looking like that in the beginning or even in the middle of the story until they get jacked in muscles over the course of the story when facing a powerful enemy with a crazy strong weapon.

Because they need to crazy physically strong in a fight.
Yet some just stay lanky and skinny and be trying to vanquish evil.

Like “dude, you look like a damn toothpick and you trying to slay someone ultra powerful?” My man, why?

LMAO! :rofl: :sweat_smile:



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I’ve honestly never wanted to slay a god, and I’ve never even read a book where that happened. I guess it depends on what the god does in the world…for instance, if it’s a nature god of some sort, will killing it cause a disruption in the environment? Will all the fish die, etc? What will be the consequences of killing it? I suppose I’d wonder about the possible downsides. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


Me, I’d be like whatever. My time has come, I don’t care. :smiley:

Why does it have to be confined solely within those two genres?


Unless, it’s horror or something along those lines, that’s all I know.

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Why does it have to be horror either? :wink:


Then I got nothing…


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Don’t define it by genre, define it by concept.

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You know how Zeus f’d a lot of people over? That is a pretty big revenge motive so id go with that :joy:



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What about a romance where someone has to defeat a high-level god to get their one true love back?