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Hi. I’m awful at Photoshop. I was wondering if anyone could help me.


I’m trying to edit this photo to closer resemble my MC. She is biracial, with a light olive complexion, hazel eyes, freckles and dark Auburn hair. If anyone could make the hair (and eyebrows, if possible) dark red, but natural looking, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Was just mucking around :joy: Got two versions, feel free to use either if you like it :slight_smile:


hair color


These are beautiful! Thank you so much!!!

No problem :blush:

Did you use the professional Photoshop software?


I wish I had it, but I only had access when I was at school. It was automatically installed.

If you’re a student you can get 60% discount off I believe on the cc suite

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Oh damn. I didn’t know that. Is it only for pc?

That I’m not sure, I think you can sync it across your devices but you will have to give proof that you’re a student, and the discount is for a month I thin, then it’s half price for the year and then back to the normal rate after. You’ll have to check their website for the exact details.

What do you currently use? :eyes:

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A tablet. Android.

That’s … not what I meant :sweat_smile: I meant what app lol but I don’t think ps works in android. Again, I’m not sure though

I use Adobe apps. Lightroom, Photoshop Express. But I’m not very experienced with editing.

I don’t know about Photoshop express, but I know lightroom can be used for this, but it’s a touch more difficult. Just.out of curiosity, did you buy it separately or … ?

There are a lot of online tutorials either way that should help - Adobe has their own

It was free in the app store. You have to pay for additional features.