Happy Thanksgiving for my Fellow Americans!

I just wanted to wish all my fellow Americans a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you will give thanks for what you have and focus on the positives in your life! Enjoy your time with family and friends!

All the best!


Thank you kindly.


Happy Thanksgiving woop woop

Danke and bitte to you both!

Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Only responsible for the Ham and the Greenbean Casserole, plus a Peanutbutter Pie. Brother has the rest.

Noice! I think we’re having smoked brisket this year! Yum something different.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a good one!

Thank you and to you as well.

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If you get a pumpkin pie, make sure it’s has some spice to it.

Also avoid rutabagas. They’re like potatoes but infinetly worse.


HEE we did butternut squash pies (homegrown butternut squash too)

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We had turkey and butternut squash, the squash came from our own garden.
Happy thanksgiving to all.