Has This Ever Happened To You?

Thought since this thing is sorta book-based, I may as well ask a book-loving community.

On two different occasions I sort of like hallucinated what I was reading, if that makes sense?

Like, I’m all aware about your imagination and picturing graphically something that’s detailed in a story/book. But in this case, I literally saw in front of me what was happening in the book, so solidly that I couldn’t see the text through the vision thing. I remember the first time it happened, I just sort of stared with my eyes wide open in amazement until my eyes started to water and I was forced to blink.

This could’ve happened for a multitude of reasons, most obviously being that I was extremely sleep deprived, and the other being a little more personal.

Just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this strange phenomenon! If so, explain down below.

(A more detailed explanation of this is in the summary tab below lol) .

First Experience

The first time I was reading “An Ember In The Ashes”. I’ll try to describe this as spoiler-free as possible. I was near the end of the book. There was an epic asf battle going on. It was thundering and raining outside. I was the only one home. Sh*t was lit. Then, all the sudden, this vision like leapt out in front of me. I could see vividly the bright color of orange, and the sun setting on the horizon. Sand whipped through the air, propelled by harsh winds. And in the center of all this is silhouetted figures fighting, moving and twisting and dodging and ducking. It was (basically) what was happening in this book.

Thinking I’d discovered something like Acid Imagination, I tried stare at the vision for as long as possible, and it stayed until I was forced to blink. The vision vanished when I opened my eyes. I continued to read the book, wishing it would happen again, but it didn’t.

Second Experience

The second one is a little different. This time, I was sitting on my bed writing my first novel on my laptop. I was fifteen, my spirits were high, and writing skills low. Everything was perfect.

I was really getting into this scene I was writing, describing this weird secret room that was in some kind of shop that sold herbs. I was describing the scene, the weird furniture, etc. I then begin to describe this weird bone chandelier, when it suddenly appears. It’s solid, I can’t see my screen behind it. It was sort of like watching a movie. I was seeing this like camera spin romantically around the chandelier. This time, I wanted to see if it would disappear if I blinked (it was less exciting then a whole ass battle happening before my eyes), and so I did, several times, it stayed for a while and then vanished.

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Also, funny confession. I was unarticulated at fifteen. When this first happened, I sort of freaked out and so I went to Ask Yahoo! and asked them this same question. With less description. It came off like I was describing what it was like to imagine something. (I cringe just writing that, ugh, wtf was I doing?)

Someone replied: That’s your imagination, you fing idiot.

Hurt my feelings, lmaooo.


I’m not very visual, so this hasn’t happened to me.

Brother was chased up the stairs by a 7ft skeletal dog that could walk upright, repeatedly. He decided it wasn’t real, so he turned around to stare it in the eye for a few seconds. He fi ished going inside after the staring contest–don’t think he challenged it again.


That’s epic, I really like that story, your brother sounds like a cool guy!

Yeah, I’ve had other semi-similiar experiences, but we found out it was a dream-based hallucination (happened right after I woke up). The human mind is weird asf

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Sounds like hyperphantasia unless you were really hallucinating? I still think it’s linked to it. I have a similar experience but it’s not visual.


I hear things when I am in the state of trying to sleep but not fully asleep yet. At first, it scared me. I thought I was hearing things but then I figured they’re all illusions except they sound too real to be fake. It’s interesting, isn’t it?


I have never heard of that, that’s so cool! It could be a possibility, but I’m hesitant to say so because it’s never happened again outside of these two experiences. So, could be hallucinatory? Not sure. Nothing to worry about I suppose, since it’s never become an issue

Ohh I know exactly what you mean! That is really interesting. That used to happen to my brother a lot as a kid. Strange! Have you ever experienced hypnopomic hallucinations? It’s similar but occurs after you’re waking up. Sometimes happens to me too when I’m under a lot of stress.


It’s all I read about these days :joy:

I have not. This reminds me, I did have an imaginary friend as a child. I can’t remember if it was imaginary or not, but my parents told me that I spoke to myself a lot. :joy:

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HAHAHA I used to do the same thing, but after being told it wasn’t normal to talk to yourself out loud like that, I started to whisper to myself which was apparently even creepier.

No wonder I had a hard time making friends in elementary school


This hasn’t happened to me but is the regular for a friend of mine, whom can see actual visuals as graphics, both moving and not, before his eyes. My brain does not work like that. :joy: He can straight up edit whatever is going on in front of him like he’s working in iMovie or something. His spatial sense is crazy good. Maybe you tapped into that?

There was one time I had a fever and had a hallucination. I could see everything on the molecular level and cured cancer but didn’t remember anything when I came out of it. xD


MOOD. :joy:

My parents didn’t mind me speaking out loud, they still reply to what I say thinking I’m talking to them when I am not. :joy:


Hahaha fever dreams are the wooorrrsst, they’re so bizarre!

That’s super cool that your friend can do that, it sounds like such an epic way to live, maybe that is what i tapped into hahaha.

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HAHAHA that’s brilliant!

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