Have you been noticing a trend with villains?

I have been browsing playlists and noticing that there is a specific type of villain people really like.

Seems that the days of Ains Ooal Gown have been overlooked by the masses.

How do you feel about it?


It’s always some billionaire who’s possessive and sexy and meets Eurocentric beauty standards, and is one-dimensional as hell. I never really see villains as complex as Ains anymore, and I’m not saying that lightly. Everything Ains does, he thinks about it and it’s strategic. Yes, it’s mostly for his own gain, but in a way, he helps other characters too. It’s not one-dimensional and cardboard. He has his reasons for doing what he does, and how he goes about it.


Ains is a very odd case of a relatable villain protagonist.

I’m tagging some friends now.


Am I not your bestie? :sob:

Jk, yeah they probably will give good answers.

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You just have a certain perspective, I want more perspectives.

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I know, lol.

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I’ll bookmark this and come back in a while, gotta go study now XD

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No, I haven’t been noticing the trend because I don’t fangirl enough to notice who is being followed.


Not really :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think there’s a trend.

Villains in anime, at least as much as I know, have always been either the “ugly (and rich or middle class) smart” type, the “handsome/beautiful (and rich or middle class) smart type”, “handsome/beautiful (and rich or middle class) but stupid comedy relief type”, or the “ugly (and rich or middle class) stupid comedy relief type”. If you look at the villains in Pokémon, in Kerby, in Black Butler, or any others, they typically follow one of those types at least.

Many have vengeance in mind because they were orphans or were abused, or they were ridiculed and want to give people their own medicine, or they think they might destroy something because they can. And/or they might also be jealous of the hero in some way. Or maybe they want some magical power because…well, they want it. Not such an exhaustive list, but pretty much at least in anime.

Outside anime?

Uhm… idk :woman_shrugging: I don’t think so.

I do think there might be a villain stereotype where “ugly” is considered too easy to spot as a villain so not often used, and “pretty” is not easy to spot as a villain mostly so the evil characters tend to be some stereotypical “pretty” person. But I don’t think the villains out there in the world right now particularly follow these like a trend. They have always been that way.

I hope I’m making sense :stuck_out_tongue:


I can see what you mean, but I don’t see that reflected in these playlists and posts.

Consider these two villain songs:

I assume you mean Kirby?

Unless this guy got an anime

@TheTigerWriter I apologize for bothering you even more, but is this a villain song to you?

@HKelle I need your wisdom!

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That’s definitely an old trend that’s just been constantly around but mostly in the background for books.


I have just noticed a lot of these kinds of romanticized villain playlists.

Paha… Wisdom. :rofl:

I’m not very insightful. I’m also not fully awake yet lol. Idk why but villains tend to be more charismatic and more fun than the heroes. At least that’s what I remember from my youth. Lookin’ at all the villain songs in the old Disney movies…

I think what people are latching on to nowadays is the the suave and/or dark and broody kind of bad guy that makes readers go “maybe I can change him.” But then again, I think that’s been a thing for a while.

Mkay time for coffee.


I have seen a big surge of those kind of aesthetic villain playlists. But they lack the intimidation and strength of, say, Zodd the Immortal by Beast in Black.

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I’d say that there’s still a variety of different types of villains. However, a lot of people really like villains that they can relate to, and tend to romanticize and give a lot of attention to “relatable” villains, so you see a lot more about them.


But only certain types of relatable villains, not the stingy hoarder kind

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