Have you heard of the term "twin flame"?

I saw this term and I was like "This could be a cool thing to explore in a fantasy story!! :laughing: Imagine the flame is an actual fire :open_mouth: "

If you don’t know what it is…let me try to explain.

The belief is that apparently everyone has a twin flame. A twin flame is someone who is a mirror of yourself and you and that person share so many undeniable similarities. When you meet them for the first time, you can’t help but feel a familiarity as if you have known them before like deja vu. You connect instantly.

It’s different from soulmate where the idea for that is you just match very well with that person. Twin flame is a lot deeper. You feel such a deep, intense connection with that person. You feel deep, intense emotions with that person. You complete each other on a deep level that you might not have ever felt before. And you grow from being with that person and you want them to grow as well. You keep on bettering each other. And if you separate, you will always find that person again.

This video explains the theory pretty well. But put your skeptical censors on.

What is not clear is if a twin flame has to end up as a romantic relationship. Can’t a twin flame only be platonic? Like best friends?

Personally, I don’t believe in soulmates or twin flames. I don’t believe in finding “the one and only” because I think there are millions of people that we have the potential to be compatible life partners with if we give each other a chance. Also this thing about finding each other again after separation, like, that’s a little…weird to me.

Anyway, do you know about this term? What are your thoughts? And do you think a twin flame can be just a really good friend or does it have to be a romantic relationship?

And do you know any fantasy books that tackle the idea of a twin flame? It’s such a cool-sounding term. I’d be surprised if no one has taken it as part of a book title.


I think my best friends is one but I have no idea for sure


I think my best friend is one. We’ve been friends for almost eight years now and she’s literally like my sister. It can definitely be platonic, not just romantic. And it doesn’t mean “One and only” because like you said, there are millions of people out there. It’s possible to have more than one twin flame. If it really was just the “one and only” that would really suck if you just never meet that person your whole life, so that’s why there’s more than one.


If you watch the video, maybe you’ll relate to most of them?

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Aw, that’s so awesome to have such a long-time close friend. I envy you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Have you felt that kind of sisterly/close connection from the beginning or was it something that gradually grew over the years?


I personally don’t believe in soulmates, twin flames, or the like–even though I use the concepts in my writing–but my estranged older sister does.(She is not what one would call “Mentally Stable.”) She had made long social media post (2018/2019) about how she thought this guy she met–who was in jail at the time, so how she met him I have no clue–was her Twin Flame and that she had some sort of “Intense Awaking” where she claims she was shown his entire life over the course of several days. Then about a week later the guy said he experienced the same thing. A month or two passes the guy broke it off with her because of “his job.” My sister has also used to term Soulmate with every single guy she has had a relationship with.

I’ve come to hypothesize that a lot of people who use these terms to describe their real life relationships tend to have a childlike or dysfunctional view of romantic relationships in general, but this can sometimes be applied to familiar or platonic relationships as well. Any natural changes that occur within their relationships are viewed as the other person pulling away or losing interest. Most think that their entire romantic relationship is supposed to be that beginning “Honeymoon” phase where you both are just so totally wrapped up in each other and everything is new and wonderful. They don’t realize how much work is involved in maintaining a healthy, stable, romantic relationship and instead say “I know my real Soulmate is out there,” and then dive into another romantic relationship without changing their mindset.

This is all just my own personal unprofessional opinion so take from it what you will.


I met my twin flame. It’s not like soulmates in that you complete eachother, it’s more like you’re mirrors of eachother. It’s a very intense, and at times toxic, relationship. Oftentimes, twin flames don’t actually end up together (if they’re romantically involved). It’s meant to change your entire life, to make you spititually question yourself and especially to become aware of your shadow self. Psychologically it’s a very stressful relationship. But, in my experience, it’s also one of the most important relationships you will ever have. And one of the most (at least in my case) emotionally fulfilling.

Often, twin flames will actually come from opposite backgrounds, but their life events will mirror eachother in really strange ways. I also understand meeting them and knowing them, that incredibly uncanny feeling. Like, my twin flame is from the middle east and grew up in a pretty middle-class lifestyle. On the flip side, I’m american and grew up in poverty. However, there’s life events (and certain affinities) we share that are kind of unsettlingly similiar.

There’s also a predictive nature to it. A lot of people will dream of their twin flame before meeting them. I’ not entirely sure if that’s true, as a lot of these things hinge on beleiving psudo science, but I remember dreaming often of a cement house, sand storms, hot rays of sun, the beach, etc. To give you an idea of how odd that is, I lived most of my life in the mountains. When I first saw my friends house, I was struck by how strangely familiar it was.

I can’t iterate enough, though, how insanely intense these relationships can be, and how difficult they are to navigate especially when you’re spiritually/emotionally stunted and not ready to face the kinds of struggles that kind of relationship reveals. You have to actively put in effort.

Also want to say that our friendship is platonic.


I’ve heard the expression in some songs or prophecies in books :thinking:

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I’ve heard of it, but never paid much attention to it.

Now, there are people you have synergy with, that help you to grow, and it does behoove you to choose such a one to tether your life to…so it doesn’t require a belief in an “it person” to know you shouldn’t let go of someone who fills such a void in your life, irrelevant of the type of relationship it creates.

Besides, if it’s always a sexual relationship, then that’s probably not about growth.

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Honestly, when I first saw her, the first thing I remember thinking was, “I wanna be friends with this girl.” After I approached her and we started talking, it’s like we instantly clicked. I think at first it was like the connection was just a deep excitement of having a new friend that you can easily vibe with. As the years went on, the feeling of her being like a sister gradually grew.

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I hear these stories of people falling in love with prison inmates and I wonder the same thing.

Hmm, Intense Awakening… interesting (in a writer-looking-for-material sense). I wonder if the guy said it because she told him what she experienced :thinking:

Not just romantic, but friendship, too. Friendship is work, too. It doesn’t just happen. It has be effort made from both sides. And I agree with you. Natural changes occur. So even for friendship, the effort might not be worth it. You really have to assess what the relationship with that person means for the both of you.

Well, in my personal opinion.

I’ve had close friends, I’d been in love, and I value versatility and elasticity of affection, its ebbs and flows, more than the exclusivity of a relationship to find at all cost.

One thing I’m sure about is most humans have an unused capacity to love both romantically and non-romantically. It’s curbed by societal pressures, prejudices, fears of pregnancy/disease and modern life-style. If I knew in my adolescence what I know now, I’d have loved more in late teens and early twenties, and would have attempted some relationships as romantic vs friendship.


I honestly couldn’t tell you, but it’s definitely likely. She went into some detail about it, but striping away the transcendentalism woo, it just sounded like she had a three-day anxiety attack that started while she was driving. I wish I could point you to the post, but she deleted it after the guy broke up with her.

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This term sounds so cool :fire: I hadn’t thought about it before you mention, thanks for sharing.

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I don’t think it would have changed who I was with or anything, but understanding would be easier.

Aw thanks. :wink:


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This reminded me about something I read about twin flames.

Unlike soulmates, twin flames are basically the same person, but their souls have been split in two. There was a bunch of cosmic explanation behind it, but it got down to that when your soul was coming down to earth, it split into two different parts and therefore occupied two different bodies.

In that sense, meeting your twin flame is like meeting yourself, but placed in a different life, if that makes sense. That’s why, when you initially meet your twin flame, there’s this instant feeling of “Have I met this person before?” Even when the likelihood of you having met them never happened. This means that not everyone will have a twin flame, unlike a soulmate.

From what I read, there’s a lot of psychic things to it. If you’re interested in exploring twin flames in fantasy, I would highly suggest you read more! It’s fascinating. I’m not sure if I believe in all of it, but I feel like it’s always fun to explore.


Interesting :thinking: So when meeting them, did you know about the term “twin flame”? Did they know?

Okay, I have a question, but not to say that they’re not a twin flame. They can very well be. Just challenging you a little :stuck_out_tongue: You say they are unsettlingly similar, but couldn’t many people be that similar to you considering how many people there are in the world? Or is it some kind of similarity that there’s absolutely no way anyone else could be that similar? It would be great if you could give an example. If you can’t disclose, I understand :blush:

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I’m not an expert. I could be wrong. But that sounds more like the lifelong friend than a twin flame. At least in my understanding, twin flames are opposite, they have had extremely similar experiences, and they complete each other in an emotionally deep level from the start. Doesn’t seem like twin flames develop gradually over years and years.

Idk if you know YouTubers Rhett and Link, but they’re lifelong friends. They’ve known each other since they were in first grade and now they’re both over 40 years old and have been together for that long. They just clicked. Practically brothers. It’s such a magical thing to find your lifelong friend from such a young age. I don’t have one :pleading_face:

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