Have you used this trope yet?

This is the trope:


So, I shall make it simple with this question.

Has your MC ever been confronted by a person whose true form they had to hide in order to converse, help, or come into contact with the MC?

Like Nirvana, takes the form of a beautiful yet intimidating mortal looking woman whose real true form can render anyone who is not divine like her to a babbling mess or reduce their brain into soup thus killing them. Which makes perfect sense, because Nirvana is not just a goddess with ultra-mega supreme, powers, she is an eldritch goddess with a form that NONE of the Lesser Children can understand. Yet it is the same for the Firstlings (mainly the First Ones, First Children and Second Children) and the highest members of the Sovereign’s court. Even Her Majesty, the Sovereign has a true-ish form that many people view as a beautiful dark-skinned woman and the Grand Lords are no different.

Yet the main characters of my story are confronted by these beings in forms that they can only understand. And Isilynor’s mother is the Sovereign and even she can’t handle her mother’s true-ish form along with the Grand Lords. Which questions a lot of things for even me. LOL!

So, has your main character(s) been confronted by a divine being in a form they can understand or that their mind could perceive?

This happens A LOT in fantasy or science-fiction stories where otherworldly being that are far powerful and greater than the human race that their forms are utterly incomprehensible to man.

Thoughts and Feelings?



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If you don’t have trope in your own story, name a media where this trope is used a few times or pretty often? The main character meeting an incomprehensible being in a form that the MC can comprehend?

(Sorry for yelling like that. LOL!)

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How soon? LOL!

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That is a secret even to me.

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I wrote a short story once where a pagan god was bound under a christian church after they had erased all records of him from existence to make sure no one could pray to him and he had no followers to strengthen him. He was a shapeshifting god who took the appearance of human so he wouldn’t scare or melt the brains of his followers. His true form was that incomprehensible, ever changing, eldrich abomination. So I suppose that counts.


Apart from the Void Walkers of Heldredth, I have none…

The Void Walkers are the Garrison of Heldredth, they keep that which is buried deep beneath the sealing stones of the tombs, and that which the great trees have sapped the life force from in binding roots, so it could never return. If it should return they will know, and deal that being it’s uttermost final destruction. Dragging it’s spirit beyond that which it is doomed to stay, into a dimension of horror for eternity…

Now, Heldredth does exist in physical form, and is the city of the Creators (Essingvaux, Aporica and Curinthus), yet it exists on two dimensional planes. This would explain the unknown stone which it is built of, as it is not of this world… Yet, it is that from the Realm of Olodinandur where the Primordial Gods do dwell for a time… Yet they have not been there since giving their lives to undo the hurts of their blessings (The Children of Mara)… They shall stay upon the world, and assist Arillion’s fate until the Endurlon is fulfilled… After that, who knows?..



I like that short story concept.
Yeah, it works.

Would you ever decided to use this trope?

Also, do you know any famous media where this trope has been used as a person/being, place/location, or thing/object?

The same question applies to you two as well, @NotARussianBot and @Xelyn_Craft.

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I’ve messed around with the concept before but I haven’t implemented it in anything polished.

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Have you seen this trope used in anime and/or manga or any other media?

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I think it was a quick joke in invader zim.

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Yeah, it was.

It’s funny how you might’ve not seen that elsewhere.

Not even in anime or manga or even video games, maybe?

Then again I don’t remember seeing it for myself. I would have to really think on that.

Would the House of Leaves be that in a sense?

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Uhhhhh does it count if that person is my MC?

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Yes, yes it does, my dear!


Why does it count? Because Amneris most likely confronts mortal in a form they can be comfortable with, correct?

I hope I spelled her name right. :sweat_smile:

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More she doesn’t have a choice because mortals have this thing where they turn to ash if they see her true form :joy:

And yes, spelling is right :+1:

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The only other ones in popular media that I am aware of are the works of Lovecraft.

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Yeah, that’s the thing with any deity. LOL!
So, it has to be annoying as hell to have a chat or try to have a chat with a mortal and you kill them just by holding conversation because they can handle looking at your incomprehensible form.

Some Eldritch God: Aw, crap!

Another Eldritch God: What happened this time?

SEG: I killed another mortal. That makes number 26,345 and for this month.

AEG: How many times do I have to tell you? Mortals can’t comprehend us!

SEG: Well, I am sorry, but my mother told me to be true to myself!


SEG: Ugh! Fine!

Has to suck for them, especially if they are friendly enough.


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True! How do I forget that?!

It the book and film is like that too, because Pennywise takes form of clown to lure the children and they see the true form!

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Such a mood :joy: Yes, it is annoying but the good thing is that Amneris can switch pretty easily and mainly only goes to her true form if mortals piss her off or she wants to make a statement

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