Heaven Gallery [OPEN!! 0 SLOT A graphic shop; providing 7+ type of graphics!]

“Welcome to Heaven Gallery, human.”

“Our gallery provide” :

  • Custom Story Covers
  • Custom Story Banners
  • Custom Story Ads
  • Custom Character Covers
  • Custom Character Banners
  • Custom Character Cards
  • Custom Story Icons
  • almost any type of graphic you desire

Additional informations 1 (graphic type explanation)
Additional informations 2 (list of designers)
Glasgwyn’s Portfolio 1/2
Glasgwyn’s Portfolio 2/2
Zena’s Portfolio
Lana’s Portfolio
Lisa’s Portfolio
Bella’s Portfolio

"Review this gallery Terms of Service beforehand"

handing you a stack of forms
“Use whichever suit your need and send it back here

“Feel free to ask if you are unsure”

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hi! :slight_smile: can we request a specific designer?

Directtly that cannot be done. Since we have agreed to assign on our own.

But I have an alternative, go to the desired designer profile and message them directly. But I do not guarantee that designer will accept, but it’s still worth trying :slight_smile:
And if you don’t get a reply, it could be because they are not active atm.
Some of our members are on some sort of hiatus. So don’t get discouraged if that’s the case.