help me not be a college dropout

Good morning, afternoon, evening, night. I have a school project to identify the role and impact of libraries in the self-publishing industry and I need some information so if you visit the library and/or have self-published a book please pick the applicable surveys and fill them out! I would greatly appreciate it.

These surveys do require a sign-in, this is in order to ensure you only fill out the surveys once, the email you use to sign in is not recorded. No personal information is recorded. These surveys are for academic purposes only, the answers you submit will be collected, summarized, and presented one time in an academic setting.

If you visit the library please look at this survey:

If you are a self-published author of anything please look at this survey:

If you fall into both categories, feel free to answer both surveys!

:purple_heart: thank very much


some interesting results :thinking:

i still have a little bit of time to put this together so if you see this :eyes:

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was expecting something edgy when I clicked on this thread ngl


oh lol i’m plenty edgy about this topic, but in this case it’s legit :sweat_smile:


I was expecting something along the lines of someone having problems and college, thinking of dropping out, and trying to find reasons not to.

I think you might get more relevant people to view this thread if you change the title to ‘do you visit the library?’.

I didn’t fill out the survey because I used to visit the library every two weeks a few years ago but I don’t anymore. In my country, we don’t have any public libraries. The libraries we do have are in foreign embassies, we have two here; one in the British Council and one in the American one. And they aren’t big libraries, on top of that, fiction probably takes up less than 5% of their books. I’ve never seen them ever promoting anything, much less works by self-published authors specifically :skull:


makes sense lol

i presented yesterday so it’s all nice and done with now. but that probably woukd have been a good idea :sweat_smile:

gasp! no libraries? i would die… literally, since that’s supposed to be my career feild soon. no rent money 4 me in your country :pensive:


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