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I’m having trouble figuring out what my MC would wear in my high fantasy novel. I think the time period is the 1500s for the entire series, but I might have to change that because of what I’ve researched so far. I know my MC is opposed to wearing tunics as her adoptive sister wears, but she also doesn’t want to wear a gown (until she becomes a princess). So, I need alternatives for her to wear.

Is anyone able to help?

X Rue

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Help is on the way!

My only problem with this link is that my MC was born in 1500, and the stories take place in 1517/1518 beyond

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You didn’t specify, but the website also has it for that time period, too.

I think I need to move to a later era. More likely when women could wear pants. So 1800s.

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Divided skirts, then.

I often don’t get so detailed with what the clothing is like. I just switch to slightly older words like trews.

Trews are plaid tight pants, specifically.


A Tabard is a man’s short coat.

Women wore tabards, too. It’s basically an apron, which would allow armor to go under it, for men…

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