Help Needed | Feedback on Character Name and Alternative Suggestions


I’m Rue. I’m creating a character, and I need feedback and alternatives for this character’s name: Calix. It’s a high/dark fantasy, and he’s a sprite-fae who wants his name to embody his attractiveness. But Calix might not fit because it could mean “chalice”.

Any alternatives?

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Well, it comes to Chalice by the shape of a flower cupping…“A flower-shaped or funnel-shaped structure”

So, etymology:

“outer part of the perianth of a flower,” 1680s, from Latin calyx, from Greek kalyx “seed pod, husk, outer covering” (of a fruit, flower bud, etc.), from stem of kalyptein “to cover, conceal,” from PIE root *kel- (1) “to cover, conceal, save.” The Latin plural is calyces. Some sources connect the word rather with Greek kylix “drinking cup” (see chalice).

So, boy flower names:
Aciano, Aoi, Nalesh, Raihan, Ren, Risay, Sorrel, Talasi, Zein

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I reccomend Sorrel for its symbolism and the fact that Fuu from Yuuna Yuuki has thay as her flower motif

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