HELP NEEDED | Fleshing Out Part 1 of a series out


So I need help tweaking and fleshing out my idea for the first section of my series. Here it goes:

Anaerys (formerly known as Rydel) slowly learns that a secret government agency plans to use the genetic ability she and select others have to step into the world books to destroy the veil between worlds.

A person asked me what would the agency have to gain from this. That’s where I’m stuck.

I have a few possible ideas for you.

  1. Perhaps the “real” world is running out of resources and the government could steal these resources from these other worlds/books?
  2. Maybe the books have a power source that the “real” world doesn’t have and they want to find a way to harness it (such as magic, or maybe advanced technology)
  3. Maybe the books have creatures or people with super powers in them that the government in the “real” world wants to capture and use as weapons
  4. Maybe there is a specific person or group of people in one of these books/worlds that is of importance to the “real” world that could save it from an impending disaster of some kind (though the ethics of stealing someone or several someones important from their world to save the “real” world could be called into question, especially if that person or group are necessary to the survival of their own world)

This one is the most logical.

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