HELP NEEDED | Post-Apocalyptic World Trying To Deal With A Population Crisis

It’s classic science fiction of the Boomer and GenX era. After not getting our flying cars, Melllenials kind of backed off this idea.

I do think you could pull it off the way you originally had it, but as you can tell, not everyone can hang with that.

You could go with a midler form: we have to pay for a $35-$50 contract to get married throughout the US. So, casual sex could be heavily fined (like $2K if you’re caught, about the cost of getting all the rights of marriage without marrying back when it was illegal for gays to marry), and relationships could require a genetic testing fee for “cross-sustainable viability” (due to designer babies), just $50, about the same as marriage. It would keep it parallel to real-world fees for what the government shouldn’t be making people get permission from the state to do in the first place. This would allow you to reinvent the Speakeasy (underground bars) for swingers.


Umm, wait. The government holds a test and gala on the first Friday (the Test) and second Friday of every month (The Matching Gala). The Test determines not only what job best suits you, but also encompasses an algorithm to find a suitable significant other. So I guess that it goes into the taxes of those who are newly matched and employed. Then there’s also relocation fees to move into the Matched Quarters of where they’ve been assigned to work. And you either accept that or get banished. The weight of the fees variates depending on the city and your job. So, peacekeepers are middle-income, making $50K a year; peacekeepers who are assigned to Pluto City, the capitol of the United Republic pay $50 a month to live in the Matched Quarters. Other cities are lower.

Umm, it actually depends on a) President Jemisha Aslanov’s mood (she may hide her emotions, but depending on the day, she may lean towards execution than fining), and b) the gender of the non-assigned couple. Heterosexual couples are more likely to get fined 2 grand, and LGBT couples are more likely to be executed. And then there’s the case of Nili Morgenstern, a Paragon (all I know is that the government is afraid of being on a Paragon’s bad side), who the government has as an femme fatale (just her exclusively. Her powers are beauty and lust focused.)

That actually sounds like a good idea.


I’m always reminded that there’s ways to work out the grittiness of of the future with a heavy understanding of the past.

For example: back around the time they stated pasteurization in the US, as law, they rounded up all the widows’ milk cows and shot them, without just compensation. It’s not well known history, but something like that could easily play into how to gauge a ruthless government.

So, something like this could be applied to surrogates.

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