Help with Blurb!!

My story has developed a lot since my first blurb. It is centered around Raiden and Seo-skin relationship, but also brings awareness to mental health, s3x industry, and [email protected]

S3x, lies, video tapes, and murder…

Raiden Morita suffers from crippling depression, severe OCD, and frequent panic attacks, making him the perfect target for an abduction.

But this isn’t just a random kidnapping- Raiden is specifically chosen to be the “Provider” at a secluded place called, Cold Creek. There, he meets the alluring, Roe Seo-jun, his handler, and the timid victim, Ava Mills. Seo-jun secretly befriends Raiden and tells him about the terrifying leader known as, The Cutter, who kidnaps and breeds people for his twisted adult films.

It is then for many weeks, Raiden is forced to perform in their films and do unspeakable things in the name of survival. But as his reputation grows on the Red Room and with The Guests, Raiden earns a favorable spot with The Cutter, making him the prime candidate to become the next leader. It is during this season, Seo-jun develops deep feelings for Raiden, but knows they will never be reciprocated. So instead, he helps Raiden plot against The Cutter in hopes to free themselves from the House of Horrors.

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This makes me think that the villain self-harms

To be fair, he probably does lol! But it’s what he does to his victims 0.o

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