Help with book blurb/summary

I’m working on writing a summary/blurb for my prequel mobster romance book, which takes place in a fictional world. Struggling with it a bit. This is what I have so far:

Nothing worth having ever comes easy…

Rose Gloxinia is set to marry a man of her father’s choosing. Problem is, Rose is hellbent on doing the exact opposite of whatever her father asks of her. The young mob heiress has her own vision when it comes to her future, but with an unknown assailant on the prowl, trouble stirring within the family, and an unexpected romance, Rose will learn the same way her father did — the hard way.

Will Rose finally grow into the role she was raised for, or will she watch it all burn down with a match lit by her own hand?

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I actually really like it. My suggestions are stylistic.

I would suggest replacing ellipses with period after first sentence.
The first two sentences of second para seems in conflict with one another. Because first sounds like she wants to marry the guy. Maybe even just eliminate the first sentence and start with Rose Gloxinia, the mob heiress, is hell-bent…

If you could find the way to avoid question in the last sentence, I would prefer that.


Ah, that’s true, it does sound like she wants to marry him. We can’t have that yet. :wink: Thanks for the feedback. Will work on it a bit more. :+1:

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