Help with Interpersonal Conflict Tied to Motivations and Worldbuilding

I’m working on a magical school project (finally!) where the girls are learning to be Guardians, but certain controversies surrounding the “knight errant” model has made the government decide to regulate Guardians. So far, so good.

But the problem with that is nobody can agree what a guardian SHOULD be. Part of the military or part of law enforcement? Should they look after individual towns or form guild to look after whole regions? Monster fighting or diplomacy?

The main characters (all of them are girls) each have a different idea for what a guardian should be, or at least what sort of guardian they’d like to be. One girl wants to follow the knight errant model, like her mother, one girl wants to teach and be a diplomat, one girl wants to protect her town, and one girl wants to fight for her country.

There is little chance of them doing what they want to do while still being Guardians, and who knows what the regulations about guardians will be once the law is passed. There’s a possibility that if they follow their dreams, they’d break the law, too.
Defining Knight Errant:


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What exactly do you need?


I have no idea how to resolve this. Odds are that at least half the main characters won’t get what they want by the end of their school days. It will also effect what they learn in school when the regulations are passed, and what sort of jobs they can do.

It’s very central to the story and I need a way to resolve it.

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Okay so a few questions:

what does the government agree on what guardians are? It seems like a big conflict is whether they pursue their interests or stay within the boundaries of the law.

Is there conflict between the MCs about what each believes a guardian to be? Is that due to personal reasons or do they simply disagree because it’s not what the government mandates it to be, or something else entirely?

Also, who is the mainmost out of these characters? What does she believe? Is it a matter of her aligning her goals with someone else’s or coming to be more tolerant of other people’s ideas?

It’s a fascinating premise, I just need some more information to give suggestions

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They all agree that just having Guardians just wander around and do whatever they want is not good, so limiting their movements is all in the interest of the Government and society at large.

Mostly personal reasons. They get into arguments fairly often, with their students and teachers. Most of the teachers feel as they should retire because a lot of the skills might not even be useful to graduates.

Briar Rose (everyone is named after plants here) wants to follow the knight errant model, thinking the other ideas are far too limited. So far, I’m thinking she just might go vigilante, but her best friend, Sage, really cares about rules and regulations, creating a lot of conflict.

Well, I wouldn’t resolve it. Figure out the minimum of what would get MOST of them content and screw over the rest, as that’s how even the best governments work.

Some would come out of school and drop out for their people.
Some would give up on their dreams or delay them for a few decades, but their heart will be in retirement.
And some bitter souls become enemies to the whole kingdom for being thwarted.

That is true to life.

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Yeah, that would be very fun to write.

So, now it’s a matter of what of the views least serves the kingdom’s needs from from the top down.

Don’t get me wrong, grass roots everything has its places but if it doesn’t benefit the elites then it’s not going to be favored.

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Oh, and the elites aren’t the rich individuals whom everyone points to about how unfair it is.

Those are always the distraction.

If you can write legislature without having a dime yourself ththat spends too much for the country to handle, then those rich people are just the flashy thing to distract from who spends the money.

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I’m basing the setting off of Germany’s Industrial revolution, so I’ll have to do more research about what Germany’s government in the 1830s wanted.

I know it sounds specific, but I think that the Industrial Revolution is a fascinating time period.

It is. With that slice, you’re dealing with a ton of petty kings and not a unified nation–and often money and power were more united… except the industrial revolution shifted that around a ton. Robber barons are something to look into, the original “self-made men” are quite a lot like Bill Gates who is as theiving as Thomas Edison and as philanthropic as Carnigee. Devil and saint in the same person, and it’s not always one side of them that was wholly devil.

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That military track for Guardians is going to be very tempting to the government.

And the robber barons who are new to weilding power against the old elites and just as ruthless will fall for and against that depending on what their fortunes are wrapped up in.

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You want a horror to renact?

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Thanks for the nightmares!

I might reference this by making the magical objects that are manufactured have dangerous materials in them.

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Look, that crap is so bad that even China banned it.

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Doesn’t China ban everything? Or is it different because it’s used in manufacturing, not an innocuous fictional work?

Lol, yeah, it is different. We are about 100 years removed from China’s ban and about 200 years from the first described cases.

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And in some cases, China is just different. Laws in the US allow government to confiscate your land for building highways, with compensation. There’s pictures of Chinese homes built into the middle of massive roads because they couldn’t force the family out.

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