Here lies a problem that can be easily fixed by just not doing, BUT I am still conflicted!!!

I am working on a new anthology now and I am very conflicted on writing the eight chapters in first or third person.

Now, the problem is that if I write it in first person, I may have a more difficult time with it because I have four characters that have distinctive voices. Writing each of the eight chapters and seven parts in first person sounds crazy to me.

Yet I am so tempted to try it because I honestly miss writing in first and I am crazy like that.

Third person would make more sense yet so would first person because I am focusing on four people only and those four are my main priority currently.

I don’t know why I am conflicted on something so trivial.
Seriously, I can think of the pros and cons of writing this anthology in first-person, but I am leaning on the fact that I just wanna write in first person.

I also have to add that I haven’t written in first person in some years and to go right back to it so quickly is going to be a hassle. I didn’t even start off slow with this neither.

What are your thoughts about this?

I know this is purely up to my decision and nothing else. But does it make sense to allow myself to get so worked up over this. Then I will turn around and rewrite the whole thing in third person anyway so it will be like what is even the point.

I just wanna know if I can pull it off after such a long time. Maybe I am overestimating myself and giving myself too much of a chore, but I can only help but to be curious.

Lend me your thoughts.

But it’s not wholly abnormal to do it.

It’s been ages, but at least this chapter is I the 1st person…and even if it goes I to 3rd person, it’s clearly from different perspectives within the family.


Can I just apologize right now?

Because I already started writing in third-person…again. I feel like I am wasting my time with this thread. I couldn’t do first person. I’ve tried by my heart just wasn’t in it as I thought it was. Forgive me.

Thanks for letting me know about the story.

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You can always edit it later as you want, and can just switch it back and forth. It’s not ideal to read it that way for a reader, but it if it gets that 1st draft out, it gets it out. Worry less?


Thank you, but I am already 523 words into the story and it is third-person.

LOL! :sweat_smile:


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