Hey, wanna discuss story titles with me for a bit?

Titles for stories.

How do you like them when you are finding your next read vs how do you like them when starting your next write?

We are talking strictly about titles for novels, novella, short stories, or any type of fiction or even nonfiction.

What titles do you like seeing vs which titles would you like to see more of VS what titles are you tired of seeing?

My Turn:

Well, for me, finding a good title has it’s ups and downs.

Some days I can find a cool title while other days I struggle. Yet, I think I struggle more with finding a good plot to fit such a title. But that is a topic for another time.

Anyway, coming up with a good title is hard for most people. I like to come up with a title before I start the story because it will ruin me if I don’t. While other people need to come up with a good title after they’ve finished writing the whole story.

All in all, titles are challenge, but rather a fun challenge.
What are your thoughts?

Bonus Questions:

  1. What is the current title of your story? How did it come to be?

  2. When you are looking for a book to read, what novel titles do you stay away from or find yourself getting drawn to?



If I see another romance novel that sounds like a Metallica song, someone is going to get hurt.



Could you name a romance novel that has done that?

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Mostly dark romances that have names akin to “Master of Puppets”


Ah, alrighty then.

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Hmm. Titles titles. I’ll admit I don’t pay much attention to titles when I go to bookstores. I usually look for authors, genres, book covers, blurbs and publishing houses (I am very selective with what I read). But yes, titles matter! I love titles that are closely tied to the theme of the book.

Science fiction classics have some of the best titles in my opinion. E.g. The Left Hand of Darkness, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Hard to be a God, Childhood’s End, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Fantasy books on the other hand, are some of the worst offenders. Legacies, Something of Something, Something War, Something Saga/ Cycle/ Chronicle, A blank of blank and blank. I find it to be very uninspired. And don’t get me started on romance books…

I suppose each genre comes with certain title conventions so you can identify what it is immediately. But I prefer themes to be present.

When I start a project, it’s under a working title (usually the name of the protagonist). I don’t think about titles until I get into the flow of writing and establish what it is about.


My current project title is very random lol. It’s saved under ‘Song of Solomon’ which is a Kate Bush song I listened to when I was saving the document :see_no_evil:


Understandable. LOL!

Ah, yes, the cliche fantasy titles like for example:

The Tower of Thorns and Lies. Yeah, I made that one up on the fly. LOL!

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Ah yes the newest YA retelling of Rapunzel where Elodie, the impossibly beautiful girlboss is trapped in a tower and the Dark Fae Prince Velvet comes in flying to save her claiming she is the lost Fae princess of the Rectangle Court. But her evil witch stepmother Chartreuse cuts off his wings so they are trapped together and must find a way to escape, and fall in love along the way.

Lol I can already picture it on a bookstore shelf as ‘TikTok favourite’.



Oh my gosh! I thought that was a thing until I realized that it was made up.
Damn, that was good!



I regret to inform you that it is a book in the Bible, likely written by King Solomon himself

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I’m working on projects names Manwhores, Dreamworlds, and Let There Be Night.


Lol the Bible is not copyrighted :man_shrugging: If the Big Man upstairs wants to send me a cease and desist, I will take Him to court


I’m just telling you to prevent possible confusion. If you saw “The Book of Job” or “Numbers” sitting in a bookstore, you would be confused.


Lol imagine my unicorn smut shelved along with all these religious texts :joy: the horror of the poor soul who picks it up thinking it’s the divine word


Songs can make good titles, but you must be mindful. Again, don’t call your dark romance Master of Puppets.

Theoretically, Sad But True and Nothing Else Matters would work, but what do you think?

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(Just to clarify, Song of Solomon is a random working title and the story has nothing to do with Songs, Solomon, The Bible, or Kate Bush)

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I actually care very little about titles when writing. I suspect a publisher would change my titles quite regularly.

But titles in reads are mostly bland. They mean “I know my genre”.


Nothing Else Matters could work. In my opinion, the title of a book that is coincidentally the title of another existing media is totally fine. I think it falls under fair use. Titling books after songs intentionally is kind of tacky.


You should mess with titles.

Masterless Hand Puppet for Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Splatters for Nothing Else Matters

Seriously, give me a title and I’ll screw it over 7 ways to Sunday for the sheer pleasure of being able to make a Dad or Boomer tier joke out of it.