Hi send characters / Free art / CLOSED

Hi I need to test my new drawing tablet and I’m tired of drawing the 50th rendition of my MC because I have no originality so pass me your characters thanks I’ll be nice to them I promise.

They’ll likely be bust shots depending on how I feel, and I’ll likely only accept 1-3 people for now so I can see how well my motivation holds. I don’t have a Wattpad account, so they’ll be free.

You probably need a form huh




Physical Appearance: (Hair colour/hair style/skin tone/eye colour)



Please include some degree of image references.

Note: I’m only accepting one character per person.

I regularly post here if you need examples.

Okay it’s nearly midnight I’m going to bed night—


Name: Webb (of course it’s this character lol)

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Physical Appearance: Wavy blond hair, light blue eyes, 5’7 and lean

Outfit: See images. Can go with any outfit lol. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Has a white starburst-shaped burn scar on his chest directly over his heart. The same kind of scar is also on his back on his left shoulder blade (he was pierced through the heart lol.)

Has a black spiderweb tattoo on his right shoulder/bicep.

Personality: B!itchy, snarky, and really dumb. Can be a bit manic at times.

image ref

(you don’t have to be nice to him if you accept lol, he’s a jerk)

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Name: Raya Kofni

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Physical Appearance: Chin length black hair that is cut into a layered cut; the bangs are just above her eyes, she has dark tanned skin, amber colored eyes almond shaped, a beauty mark below her left eye, average body build with some muscles. A rounded head. Full lips.

Outfit: She wears mostly tight-fitted clothing; forest green tank top with black skinny jeans and combat boots. She has a choker necklace that has a leaf pendent.

Personality: She’s very loyal, care-free nature but knows when to be serious. She is sort of my anti-hero, having trust issues (to be expected oops) and she is honest and trust-worthy.

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Name: Leif

Gender: Male

Age: angel so kinda timeliess but he looks around 25.

Physical Appearance: (Hair colour/hair style/skin tone/eye colour) mid brown . short cut with a floof hair on the front right (with threads of blue through the floof). pale skin, blue-gray eyes. he has little horns that wrap around the side of his head. and he has white claws.

Outfit: loose fitting sleeveless tank, dark color, with a oversized jacket on top, army camo colors. tight fitting pants - dark blue/brown. no shoes - his feet vanish into smoke.

Personality: Quiet, friendly, mischevious, really bad at resisting bullying.

Pic references:


(that kind of pale blue threaded through the front floof part)



Man, I don’t think of my character’s looks in a lot of depth–because I’m not mentally visual.

Name: Harvold Twelfthborn

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Physical Appearance:

(Hair colour/hair style/skin tone/eye colour) Always saw him as nodescript shades of brown, no real preference on it otherwise, so you’re free on that end. He’s on a journey with no barbers, and likely can’t grow a thick beard yet. Trim from a sparse life.


Everything must look worn and loose–journeyman wizard, just out of school, is on the school’s allowance, and is having to make a long circuit…so, I like the look of this outfit:

Staff's head:

has a rutilated quartz top.

The staff is made from a sapling that grew from a dead fae’s heart. “You’re to tear it out the ground and let it’s roots grope around my quartz tip. It becomes a Mage’s staff until it is time to undo the damage done to her.”

The height of the staff should be about elbow height–so not shoulder-tall, nor cane.
The staff can become a horse, as well.


Other student mages find him dull. His ancestry is notorious for sex fetishes that he can’t live down. Grumpy at the thought of losing his virginity when facing women who tempt him, thrown into serial Harem circumstances that just don’t get very far. Not that he’s intimidated by women, nor are the women weak, but circumstances are not in his favor. Academically perfect, talent lacking in only 1 skill, he’s barely missing out on being claimed as a court wizard because of that one lack.


Hey, is it okay if I send you link to a googledoc instead of the form? My description is kind off long :grin:

Cheers Nick

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Name: Sara / Tarini / Kavya. But she goes by Sara, mostly

Gender: Female

Age: 20s, no fixed age ever mentioned

Physical Appearance: Black hair braided / In a Bun / free flowing. Length: around lower back.
Black eyes.
skin tone

look inspo, but with the colors shown above

Outfit: saree / lehenga
please show as much of the dress as you can. The dresses should look as close to either of these options as you can…

Personality: She’s very insecure, and she has a lot of bad things that have happened to her, so she’s very wary and closed off, but also passionate about a lot of issues, like Women empowerment and Religion. Once she comes to care for someone, she cares for them with all her heart, and would do anything for them.

Let me know if you want anything else!

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Name: Nephele Andromeda Lykaios

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Physical Appearance: Jet black hair about waist-length (braided like this or this, in a medium ponytail or clipped up, just never let down), pale honey/wheatish skin, and big, roundish-almond hazel-green coloured eyes (her eyes are kaleidoscopic, so they appear differently coloured based on lighting :sweat_smile:). Has a heart-shaped face and very defined features, high cheekbones, thick eyebrows like the first one in this, thick, long eyelashes, red lips like the first one in this, an upturned nose, and dimples. Has a wolf and moon tattoo like this or this on the inside of her right wrist, for the family name. It’s pretty small though, only clearly visible on close inspection.

Outfit: Simple Greek-style dress, something like this or this. Anything in a similar style in white with flowy edges and off the shoulder will do!

Personality: She’s a high-functioning sociopath and a pathological liar, very sarcastic and charming but can come off as arrogant. She’s typically a calm and cold person, but on the very rare occasions that she’s pissed off, she can be incredibly dangerous. She’s very vengeful, and utterly incapable of forgiveness. Also very secretive and has incredible foresight. She can also be genuinely sweet when she wants (very rarely though), and has a secret soft spot for the unfortunate in a sense, for some odd reason. She is incredibly passionate about the environment.

Thank you if you accept! Also, sorry if the details are a lot. :sweat_smile: I couldn’t find whole images that matched what I was looking for, so I resorted to individual feature descriptions.

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@HKelle @vibingwithpastels @SayWatt Accepted. :raised_hands:

The rest I’ll probably get to after these. Depends on how I’m feeling after. I dunno.

@Nick Yes it’s okay.


It’s no pressure. While my hubby doesn’t have the time, right now, I have an artist in-house if I must see my characters come to life. I just thought this one would be interesting to see, is all.


Tyvm! I am looking forward to seeing Raya as a drawing :slight_smile:


Awesome, man thanks so much! I love your artwork so I"m really excited to see how you’ll interpret one of my characters!

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Alright! Take your time!

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