Hi there. How was your week/weekend?

I finished reading a book.

What did you do during the weekend?


I killed the source of ants getting in the house, not the particular pile.


I finished two books! Keeper of Enchanted Rooms and the sequel, Heir of Uncertain Magic, both by Charlie Holmberg. The first one is awesome! Five stars and highly recommended to anyone who likes magic or enchanted houses. The sequel was kind of meh, but I gave it four stars on Goodreads since I was interested enough to read it to the end. Not sure if I’m going to buy the next in the series when it comes out, though. Maybe I will just to find out how they’re going to remove the soul of the 12-year-old boy from the body of the dog. U^ェ^U

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steals your willpower and eats it


Good job!


Aww, thanks! (˘ᴗ˘ღ)


No problem! Barely read 2 books this year lol.

I want to write a lover to rivals story where they hate each other so much, they want to kill each other. But the plot twist is, they wanna do it because they still love each other and wanna get them out of their heads forever.

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Oooh, that’s different. So they get back together in the end? It’s not a romance if they don’t…

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:smirk: :wink:

Well, I’m not Nicholas Sparks…

I’m so tired of “enemies to lovers”.


Does anyone get hurt first? As in shot, poisoned, put in the hospital for any reason…?

Actually I’ve never read any Nicholas Sparks. Is he any good?


Probably and idk

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My weekend: Too brief, too broke. :unamused:

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You really know everything related to movies, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely not! I just happen to know this exists because it’s something I watched with someone who did happen to be a minefield of movies.

But that one, and this one:

These suit you.


Thats cool! :smiley:

I mean, you know more than I do.

I’m 10 years older. They are closer to me-contemporary.

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Fair 'nough.

I have a cousin who’s like your age and it feels like he’s been around forever.

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Ooooh what book?!

That’s something I try to do all the time lol I did finish a book I’d been reading for like a month on Thursday :partying_face:

I’m on vacay for the whole week, and currently am in SoCal (Anaheim/Buena Park). We left Thursday night after I got off of work at 7pm, drove three hours into Texas to get my sister’s boyfriend and see Worley Hospital which is a haunted hospital that the original Ghost Hunters team (TAPS) went to. And then we just kept driving…

We hit up the Grand Canyon, Route 66 (the small town that inspired Pixar’s Cars), and Las Vegas on the way up here.

We got here Saturday afternoon/evening and went straight to Huntington Beach. Sunday was a lazy beach day with some sight seeing around Huntington. And yesterday we drove up to Griffith Observatory to see the Hollywood sign and GO itself, and then drove up to Newport Beach to go on a whale watching trip and got completely soaked. Lol. The weather was getting nuts with wind, so they turned back and gave us a free pass so we could try again another day.

Oh and when we went to the beach on Sunday, the waves were MASSIVE! The tide came in high and the lifeguards were actually telling people not to go in because of how crazy they were becoming.

Our plans for the rest of the week…

  • Tuesday and Wednesday is Disney day. We’re gonna go to Disneyland today and California Adventure tomorrow.

  • Thursday we’re gonna go to Queen Mary. We may also hit up whale watching again, or just go to the beach.

  • Friday, we’re still unsure if we’re gonna stay another night or leave. But we do want to hit the beach again before we leave.

We’ve also tried some restaurants, both that sounded good and ones we’ve seen on TikTok. The one we saw on TikTok was called Be Good Restaurant which was around Huntington Beach mainstreet, and it was okay. The food was good, service kind of sucked, and the prices were outrageous. They also have things on their online menu that they don’t offer in person, and when asked about it, our server was like, “We just don’t have it.” The inside was pretty, but I think it was mostly meant for the Gen-Z/millennials who love picture taking. Overly hyped.

The one we randomly found was called Roma Cucina in Fullerton and it was absolutely amazing. You feel like you’re in Italy inside, and it’s so romantic. The prices were quite expensive, but the restaurant was luxurious so you kind of expect it lol they had amazing pasta!!

Some photos I’ve taken on the trip thus far…


I got jury duty this week :melting_face:


I was going to suggest that you try to get out of it by being an asshole because that how my dadbot got out of his jury duty one time…then again, in that case they wanted a jury of the dumbest people around because anyone with a fair amount of sense could see that the defendant was guilty.