HIGH FANTASY | Romeo & Juliet (but with magic)


It’s Rue Jay. I’m currently writing Book 4 of a series first, and I’m in Chapter 5 where my protagonist/narrator and her love interest in this book are sharing a one-bed attic room in a tavern, and apparently, there’s a collection of books on a shelf next to the bed. The book my protagonist/narrator picks out apparently has star-crossed vibes, and is titled Two Fair Maidens. The love interest comments that his younger sister would probably read the book, and mentions that it’s probably a star-crossed tragedy like the classic tragedy, Roman & Lieke (working title). Will it be too obvious to my readers? Can I actually make this reference?

Much input appreciated


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Do they form a sucicide pact?

In the tragedy, Roman and Lieke might. But the actual characters Mercy and Villi do not. They’re not even together yet. However, the Romeo & Juliet ending does happen in the series, just not with Villi (one of the love interests in Book 4).

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The only difference: Roman and Lieke are amorous teens who die in vain. Meanwhile, my star-crossed ending is more sacrificial. That’s all I’ll say.

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The reference is fine. Some people would get it it, some would not. Besides, it’s ancient so it’s free to abuse, even if you thought you were abusing it.

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