holy cr*p my cat nearly gave me a heart attack

i take a lot of pills

like a lot

like probably over 20 a night

and i had my ambien out separate from them because i take that right before i go to bed because if anyone here knows what ambien is like you know you do NOT want to be awake before it kicks in


my cat jumped on the sofa arm chair where I had put the pill for a second so I could take the others

and I turned away to take the others and when I turned back I saw my cat with her mouth to the armchair and the pill GONE

and I fucking flipped because that’s way not good and I thought she ate it and I was calling poison control pet line because she’s barely over 4 pounds there’s no way she can take a 10mg pill of ambien and be fine

thankfully i thought to search the floor just in case and found out that the idiot cat had simply knocked the pill over and i grabbed it

and omg it happened like five minutes ago and I’m fucking covered in sweat brb i need to go hug my cat and tell her never to do that to me again

obligatory cat tax


YoUr Cat Is AdOrAbLe!!!
and yes, I feel you lol
I get too many heart attacks xD

she’s a fucking menace but she’s so adorable and smol that you cannot help but love her and i think she knows that

her name is Lady because she’s so delicate and dainty and smol

and yeah this cat i swear to god like I turn away for ONE MOMENT and suddenly she’s climbed halfway up the window screen or got herself stuck in a cabinet. How? I don’t know! She has a knack for getting herself into trouble.

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aww I lovee your cat haha

that’s soo perfect ahhh

she sounds like me

Oh my gosh, she looks exactly like our boy cat, Hulk. I’ve never seen a female with that much orange before. Lady looks very sweet though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: hopefully she doesn’t try to eat or hide any more of your stuff.