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Ok, so I’ve been playing this silly game for a while, but I realized it’s an asthetic resource that I’m not tapping into…

So, you compete by laying out a room any way you want and by meeting the parameters of a challenge. When you’ve got enough backlog of furniture, it’s pretty easy to put together something that looks like this.

It will give you a list of the things you used.

Which you can tap on. Notice the “cost” of this bed $2498 in their “diamonds”. I think I won this one for getting a 4.0 or higher in a previous challenge.

And in going to the real sight, the cost for this type of bed runs from $2038.4-$2548.

Which means I now have an approximation for what that bed costs. Most the rooms I “create” are under $20K. (I have NEVER spent that much on a room, ever. That’s close to a car in cost. Lol)

Really, my favorite brand for out-there stuff is now Noir:

And the most expensive ugly things–to to me–come from Pacific Green.

What kind of Frankenstein is this?!

But anyway, this is the prompt before you get this particular bare room:


I want this game now.

That Pacific Green chair must be the fabled “dinner party” chair!

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Omg, some of the furniture is so bland, and other things just hurt my brain.

The only problem with the game is starting out, if you don’t have enough of the extras to make a full room, you don’t get a high enough score to win furniture, making the thing self-sustaining. Of course, it offers you free diamonds through playing other games to certain levels, so I do a heck of a lot of that, which is how I found AFK Arena and got to play as your favorite Overlord by bumming him off the guildmates. Lol

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@DollyTH was thinking about the Sims, some…


I think I’ve heard of a similar game :eyes:.

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This one’s got a fairly comprehensive list of furniture, which is why I’m enjoying it at all.

This last competition:

Then, this is what I had for chairs already, and the blank space.

So I had to buy the white chairs.

And my results:

$14,323 to decorate this room.


Zomg I love this! Only not as a game. I’d love to do it as an actual way to decorate a real life house, or at least a fictional house for my characters. I’d just get everything at Ikea or Rooms to Go. ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

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The game aspect is slightly annoying until you get some furniture stocked up (each piece only has 5 uses).

But visually it’s one of the best apps I’ve ever used for room decoration.

As it focuses on living rooms, things for there is what you “spend” a lot of your “money”. Getting above a 4.0 usually requires at least some of the extras (rugs wall art, plants), but I’ve thrown the cheapest things I could find up there as often as I could get away with, since I’m only interested in maintaining enough stuff to keep this from being a chore.

But I average pretty close to 10% 5.0 (perfect votes), so other voters seem to occasionally think I know what I’m doing. Lmao


They also allow you to unlock demo homes and decorate those: earned through leveling up and entering competitions.



And I took this shot, thinking about you, dude.


Lmao why?

It’s called a Matteo Club Chair. I’m wondering what kind of Clubs these designers been going to…which started me wondering what kind of things a dude who needs to keep his shorts on would do to the damn thing.

That’s all.



That chair is something Adrian stains with wine the first time he sits on it, and Marvin forces him to get cleaned after the party.

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I won’t keep white chairs.



The Churroverse has no white chairs, and that is canon. The only character allowed near white anything is Marvin.


Okay, to be honest, this looks like a Covet Stars (idk if the name is right) copy, except for furniture instead of fashion. Seems pretty cool to me, might check it out!


What I like about it is that this is the least invasive game I have with games on my phone, outside of Lilith games.

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My mom used to play this game! She would spend real money on it because she has “a budget for relaxing” :rofl:

I won’t spend a dime on this type of thing, but I could see why some would.

This room just struck me as masculine. Not that bronze and brown HAVE to be masculine, but still.

This was the prompt for it:

Yay for some sort of influencer/journalist meets global CEO vibe. I don’t write those types of stories, but it tempts me for about 3 seconds.

Funny part is that I love those chairs: second time I’ve “bought” them. They are listed as orange.

$18,062, so on a $20K-$25K budget, you have $1938-$6938 on a mattress, sheets, and comforter set.