homophobic parents.

my mom told me that she won’t attend my wedding if i marry a girl and now i feel like shit

to make it worse it was around this time last year

how do i make it stop


Honestly, just let it go, sometimes you can’t change people unless you really want to. I also have homophobic parents who go on long tangents about the lgbt+ community, and as someone who is part of that, I also feel hurt. These things are something that’s kinda stuck in their head and what they feel is “right”.

I’ve had my dad say that he is “ok” with gay people, but not when they marry. And yeah, it sucks to hear that from someone you’re suppose to feel safe with and trust. But there are other people who do support you, so instead of dealing on the bad, talk to those who you can actually trust and confide about this type of stuff.


Everything @TheMidnightAssassin said, honestly. I know it sucks not to have your parents support you and accept you for who you are. At least I’ve been told that, I’m pretty numbed to it by now. Cuz they won’t change their minds this late in the game, and even if they do, it’s not your responsiblity to change it for them. Like Aeyvn said, try and locate and focus on people who will support you for who you are. Hang in there :heart:


I don’t have anything to say. I’ll just try to reach through the screen and give you a hug, because I know it hurts. And nothing anyone says can take that hurt away.


Tbh you can’t. Once homophonic always homophobic I say. Your parents will keep that mindset for as long as they deem it unless you come with a compromise for them like adopting kids or something idk really. I think the major reason some parents are against lgbtq+ marriages is because of the fact their dreams of having grand kids won’t be fulfilled. Which isn’t true bc you can still have regardless of whether or not you marry a member of lgbtq+ community.

Just keep in mind that there are other people who will support you through your journey even they aren’t you parents. Every child needs that affirmation of making their parents proud and having them accept them however they choose to mold their life…unfortunately that isn’t always the case. The wacky community is behind you, I am and so are friends who have accepted you for who are.

Keep that head held high no matter what✌