Honestly, I strongly believe I need a second or even a third opinion...

I’ve been thinking about my ADHD a bit and honestly there is a part of me that isn’t convinced on it for some reason. Even though I was told and found paperwork on mentioning of having ADHD as a little girl, nothing feel concrete. However, in my teen years I was misdiagnosed as bipolar and deal with depression. Now, I take medication for ADHD and nothing is doing anything anymore.

Regardless of the hormones or whatever, I still struggle with this ADHD thing even while taking medication. I do not want to self analyze and self-diagnose myself, but I need an actual opinion on my mental health.

The doctor I see for my mental health gives me anxiety and mixed feelings. I can’t deal with her and I hate myself for this, but I kept putting up with her due to fear of going back to searching for a therapist and a psychiatrist again.

Nothing is working even though I am taking ADHD medication. So, with my terrible insurance, I have to search even harder for something else.

In all seriousness, I might not have ADHD as I think I might do, I’ve been thinking and pondering the aspect of something else that hasn’t been touched.

I believe that I suffer from autism and I am of the high-functioning type. That makes more sense than the ADHD and upon research high-functioning autism in women starts off as being misdiagnosed as ADHD, bipolar-depression, borderline personality disorder, OCD, and etc.

I think I should reach out more and find a second or even a third opinion, but nothing feels right and everything is still a massive struggle.

Thoughts and feelings?



Well, genuinely, ADHD and Autism are often seen as polar opposite spectrums.

That can be seen via giving the same medication to both, and having polar opposite reactions.

The problem is that some of the things labeled both are sandwiched with “normal”, things you don’t treat for because the majority of society IS that. So, everyone who has been training their brain with short videos like ticktock and other shorts is showing signs of ADD without actually being it due to messing with the brain’s training. Medication doesn’t really deal with training issues, people are going to have to reeducate their own brains.

But, you can have both:
ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder - CHADD.

IF this is an underlying problem (and it’s a problem because you see yourself as having issues) on top of whether or not you have the other 2, then you need to be evaluated and look into what works for the whole of your issues.

The tough question you have to ask yourself is, bipolar truly off the table? Doctors can’t really force you to take care of all your issues, if you are the one refusing treatment.

If it’s not at all a part of it, and the down symptoms are just because other things are a mess, then it’s just a matter of looking into autism.

My cousin-in-law’s Autistic son has a chromosome deletion–missing a copy of the 11th? It doesn’t seem to affect him outside the ASD issue…so another option is genetic testing, to see what you do and don’t have.

So, if you’re sure you want to look into this, research, research, demand testing. It’s not impossible, and you’re not crazy to think there’s more to it.


Thanks so much! :blush:
I already printed out doctors and places that can help me out.

I will check out the link in a bit.
Thanks again.

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Honestly, as I was reading, before you even said you might have autism, my mind said that it’s probably autism. There’s a lot of overlap with neurodivergent disorders like ADHD and autism, so they often get misdiagnosed. It’s very possible you have autism. I’d bring it up with your doctor.


I have a long list of doctors to check in my area and a little further out to see and get opinions on this.

So, I have many options to choose from. The doctor I am seeing now is actually a nurse practitioner who gave me ADHD non-stimulants like Stattera and Intitutiv.

This has been plaguing my mind for a day or two. I really need to setup appointments for the new doctors.

Thank you for answering.


Well, I’m no expert, but it might be worth not ruling out the bipolar or autism. It’s possible you could have one of these. But hey, why not seek a second, third, or even fourth opinion if your wallet allows - we all know those doctor’s bills can add up :sweat_smile:

Just remember to share your suspicions abt your diagnosis with them. After all, you know yourself best and it’d be bad if you’ve been taking meds that are making you worse.


I am making phone calls tomorrow and see if they are accepting new patients.

I have plenty of calls to make. I feel worn out just thinking about it.



I don’t envy you for the phone calls :smiling_face_with_tear: Those can be quite exhausting.

Goodluck tho and I hope it all works out for you!!!

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God, I hate making phone calls!


I was able to find something though.


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