Honesty and Opinion needed

Someone, please help me…All I need is a critical (speak your mind because I need it) honest feedback.

So, I just completed my story and I’m thinking the title has very little meaning to the plot. I want a better title but I’m out of ideas. Just to give you an idea of my story, here is the blurb

“You think I went out with her,” He pointed at me like I was some kind of virus making everyone in the cafeteria laugh, then says, "I told her the rules before anything happened between us. I don’t do girlfriends.’’ He turns around to look at the audience we’ve created so far and looks back at Vanessa ‘‘Wait, does she want an apology from me?’’ He asks smiling sweetly.

Highest Ranking:
→#1 Bestfriend
→#2 Love
→#3 Drama
→#3 Romance

So now that you have a rough idea of my story, dot down any ideas you have for a new title for me :heart::heart:

Ooops I forgot…The current title of my book is Bits and Pieces.

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Hmm, would it be possible to provide a short summary of what the story is about? It’s a great scene snippet but I don’t think I could think up a title based off of that alone.

Short summary (Thanks for answering :slightly_smiling_face: )

The plot revolves around a girl who is cheated on by her boyfriend, who didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. Especially when he was given an automaton between life and death. As a result, the guy enrols in the same school as the girl (let’s call her Lexi) and becomes her next-door neighbour, adding to the drama in her life.

Well, you know how cliche gang story goes. A lot of other dramas happen; like the protagonist getting kidnapped, etc.

I hope this is a good summary, tell me if it’s not and I will make sure to add more.

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Actually, the title is sufficient to the storyline because it sounds like you’re tearing the MC apart by the circumstances in her life.

The problem isn’t a fitting title to itself but fitting to GANG or MAFIA Romances. The title doesn’t tell me genre as well as it could.


When Did I Become A Turf War?

I know what THAT is and the basic premise pretty much immediately.


The title doesn’t tell me genre as well as it could.

So I need a title that tells the genre of the story? Ok…thank you. I will try to dot down any ideas that come into my head.

It doesn’t HAVE to, but you see a ton of Billionaire Boss books have Billionaire or Boss in the title, Wolves/Packs/Alphas/Lunas shows up in a lot of Werewolf titles.

So, there is definitely a trend of it.

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If you ranked 3 in romance the title you have is working. In fact, you should give us all classes on how to be this successful.


True that. Thank you :heart:

Thank you so much love…so then it’s all in my head about the title being horrible.

You original fits your description of your story.

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Okay, thank you for helping me @J.L.O :relieved:

No problem.

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