Horrific Realization

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been super active with fandoms and shipping in my lifetime, but can you name a single popular ship that has a Black man in it?


Don’t know the ship name but Finn and Poe from the new Star Wars movies is a very popular one. And it’s kind of one of those things where people ship people with whoever they want so there’s definitely a lot they just might not be popular.

It really depends on how characters are written while interacting with each other.


Makes me feel better, but can you name another example?

I know some people ship Gus and Shawn from the show Psych.

I’m not really into fandoms anymore and haven’t been for years so I’m drawing a blank on more but you could probably look up any black male character and find a ship with them.


Actually, that’s not a popular one outside of the fandom but I really don’t know what’s popular anymore. But I will say I would be beyond shocked if Simon from Bridgerton didn’t have many written about him.

  1. Part of it is a plain lack of representation. I mean, a ton of animes and mangas like to draw what looks like white people. I’m sorry if they have “born with it” purple hair, that’s not even an earth norm, but pale skin is heavily ingrained with the idea of “whiteness”, even when too many Caucasians aren’t that pale. I mean, I’ve just gone through a puppy mill of skin color in Mangas and I distinctly only remember 1 person that was dark.

  2. But the one Im thinking of is Sio and Afro. Never watched it myself, but there is things like this:

So people are seeing and building relationships that aren’t there? Just not a lot of fandom behind it, I’m guessing, due to the level of bad blood between them…

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First time I’ve heard that they’re doing/have done this show. Since it’s based on reality, at least somewhat, I’m a bit interested.

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Shemar Moore. I remember watching him in Soaps as a kid. When Tyler Perry wrote the role that this dude plays in Diary of a Mad Black Woman for the movie, when in the play? They talk about how much the guy looks like this man because the guy is a staple older women’s shipping before ships became a thing. I thought it was great that they got him for the movie. I mean, he was on The Young and the Restless, that’s like competes with The Price is Right level stuff.

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I’m in the Detroit: Become Human fandom (despite it’s many problems, the fandom has fixed a lot of it through building off of the original game) but there were at least two popular ships that were pretty much canon in the game that featured black men. Luther x Kara and Markus x North.

There’s also Lucas x Max from Stranger Things, which is also canon.




Are we talking about gay ships or any ships?
Because I know Ezekiel and Carol from TWD.


YESSSS :purple_heart:
Who watched the whole season?
Did any of you cry at the end of episode 4?
I mean that scene was wow just wow!


It’s Scot & Kinsey from Lock & Key :two_hearts:

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I did and yes.



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Lisa and Will from Fresh prince of Bel Air?

There’s quite a few but definitely not as much representation as we’d want.

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My era’s Friday nights:

Laura/Steve/Stefan/Myra…almost love triangle.

Watch fans debate that:

This is an interesting take:
Idris Elba as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

After he played adoptive father to a young Asian woman who is the FL (isn’t she a Chinese actress playing a Japanese character?), and the bland MC (blonde white guy?) Made a very interesting triangle dynamic, but he wasn’t in place to be cast as a romantic couple. But people do think about him in different stories m I’ve seen them push 007 for him, too.

This is a fan-favorite couple:

And any Klingon gets all sorry of interest because people are fascinated with the species. A greater chunk of them are black actors or basketball players. A lot of the older characters, yes, are white, but they have never really been a light skinned species, to the point where unless I know who the actor is, I don’t see a white man.

Worf is played by Michael Dorn.



Irina and Laurent get some traction.

Posted in the wrong spot, at first.

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I was just about to say this! c:


Here’s another I thought of:

Bash and Mary from Anne With An E:

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