How different would your character's life be if they were in the real world?

I am so curious.

What type of life would your characters have if they live on the Earth of today?



Errol would probably be in prison.


Damn. The same with my character Kizaris.

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What is the most likely crime Kizaris would be in for?
Errol’s would probably be for hacking bank accounts and stealing money from them. Not that it’s the only thing or the worst thing he’s done, just the most likely one he’d be caught for.


Here’s a list:

Constantly fighting people.

Hurting or killing people.

Running an organization bent on overthrowing the government.


Being overly violent and aggressive towards anyone.

Stealing and doing other heinous crimes.

This list goes on, but Kizaris will either be in prison for life or get the death penalty.

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lol, Oh good, Errol isn’t the only one out here killing people. He’d also be stalking and stealing. Though he’s not inherently aggressive, he can be very dangerous. He’s good at pretending to be a perfect little angel though, so it’s unlikely he’d be caught doing anything bad.


LOL! Kizaris won’t behave like a perfect little angel to get his way. He’s the what-you-see-is-what-you-get-type character. He’ll use force and fear to get what he wants.

Not a great guy to be around. LOL!


I have a few characters like that too, they are fun to write.



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Erable would be extremely confused on what broccoli is, and take an enormouse bite out of one.

Then raid every store that has it in an attempt to “save everyone from the terrible, unsweet green tree vegetable”.

(For context his name is “maple” in French and he prefers sweet foods).


This made a question mark appear in the forefront of my mind.

Genuinely don’t know. Elya would’ve probably been sent to juvenile detention until she was eighteen, so she would only have been free sixish years. I like to imagine she was put on court-mandated therapy, got a job, healed a little, but I don’t imagine she’s in any way happy or content with life. Probably stewing in her misery.

Ruven, quite honestly, would’ve probably gotten therapy, support, and help a lot sooner. So, I imagine he would be his “end series” version. Well-rounded, and content with life. Probably owns some kind of shop where he makes all the jewelry, or something creative. He’d probably have picked up painting, or even writing as a hobby. He seems the author type.

Arwen would’ve THRIVED. He’d be a doctor by now, husband, with a bunch of random animals that they tend to.


johnna would be diagnosed with adhd u-u


Well, most of them are a lot deeper into spirituality than tarot cards.

I’ve seen enough miserable, mentally ill, and malicious people on Twitter using tarot readings as a way to make money, but I found this guy who practices ceremonial magic (regularly summons demons) and he seems a lot more healthy overall. One would
think it should be reversed, but that magician also meditates a lot and doesn’t have Twitter.

Most of my characters are the latter than the former.

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That’s it?


no but it’s funnier to leave it at just that


Geldrid would be depressed, as there are no Dragon’s to slay… :frowning:

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Damn…I’m sorry to hear it.

What else could Geldrid do in the real world since there are no dragons?

Mean Girls, essentially. Or a wanna-be Mean Girls. Bethany at the beginning is like Regina George and that mean girl from High School Musical, Sharpay or something like that. If nothing magical happened, I would think she’d stick with that persona until she had to move.

She was going to move to Greece after graduating high school because of her mom’s job.

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Probably would have a pretty decent life as an athlete, then a coach with a rich intellectual life in his free time. Would have had a few long-term relationships before settling in with a partner, though not sharing a living space.

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Well, it depends on the story.

For *To Make a Kinder Children's Tale*,

Esme would blend in except if she went to the eye doctor or if pulling the shell or wings off her left any scarring. Althalos would be a really dark skinned male who is extremely gray in tone with straight white hair and pointed ears, built like a linebacker. He would stick out like crazy.

Neither one would get discrimination within the same species, although they are used to it across species barriers.

Any of the werewolf thingies, they would basically be in-line with this world unless they grew up isolated.

Harvold would be like, “Why doesn’t my magic work? Am I qualified to even wash dishes?!”

Sssyraine would just eat a cow.

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