How do I write a story where the worldbuilding is so vast and expansive?

I have a story gnawing at me where the worldbuilding in my story needs to make sense with the story and plot.

Seriously, I have a good enough story, but the worldbuilding in my novel needs to be touch upon by a lot.

Here is the story or rather a general idea:
A young man finds himself all alone in the ruins of an underground kingdom with severe amnesia and a large glowing tattoo on his right arm. He was later found by mysterious girl who becomes his friend. The girl eventually stops coming to visit him months later which prompts the young man to search for her. However, when the young man begins searching for the girl who befriend him, he soon starts regaining his memories bit by bit. He has to search for his crewmembers from along ago who traveled far with him and tries to reclaim what was stolen from him all those years ago. First, he needs to search for the crew that once proudly served him so long ago. Yet he is conflicted on finding his old crew, reclaiming what he lost, and finding the girl who befriend him in the underground kingdom.

EDIT: I did not mean to post this thread in all honesty.


I just had a bunch of POVs all over the world so I could do bits and pieces real easily.

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I hope you end up with a coherent story bu the end.

I would make sure that we travel quite a bit.

I don’t see the problem, apart from the sheer annoyance of trying to build raising stakes from plot beats where he step by step searches for her. It can too easily become a string of similar beads quest story. I’d suggest on deciding how many steps it takes to find the girl, then escalating each step compared to previous and linking girl to the crew (in other word crew should not want him to find the girl… why? Obstruct him from finding her… how and why?)

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World building should be fairly straightforward with a plot like that :thinking:

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Thanks a bunch!

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It is funny you mentioned this because I have a genuine idea that seems interesting due to the reason why the girl up an vanished.

Nothing is set in stone, but the idea is still lingering.
It is very spoilery and because of that I am unsure if I should reveal it. LOL!

Really? That is interesting.

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Yeah! My story’s like a labyrinth in that every part eventually ties into the same place, so it worked really well for me and worldbuilding was a dream.

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