How do you help someone who DOESN'T want help and avoids help at all cost?

It really depends on the person. For me, it lasted a year until I had a huge “come to Jesus” moment. For people in my life, it was a toss up in their life between “not so bad” to “very bad” throughout their entire lives (20+ yrs) until they decided to get help and become better. Others, it took a couple months.

Truth is, sometimes they never change. It’s an absolutely tragic reality. But the hard truth is nothing is going to change them unless they want to change, unless they recognize they need help and need to change.

I think probably how they grew up has a huge impact on it. People who’ve had good support systems their whole lives might be more receptive to change when they see people around them love them (and they accept professional help, because this is a HUGE factor), others who’ve only had bad examples, or were treated poorly might not realize they even need help because their state of mind reflects the “normal” they grew up with.


That’s the best way to go about it! Your friend is lucky to have a good support system like that <3 Glad she’s in a better job.


It depends on the situation because that will depend on other factors. Is this person hurting themselves or are a risk of hurting others as well?

For example, a character who is struggling with money but doesn’t want help because they want to try to earn it their own way… that’s completely different than a character dealing with alcoholism who doesn’t want help.