How do your magical characters strengthen their powers?

Not automatically that it becomes more powerful, although that could happen, but definitely the rest. For the Dragon Knight series, he works under the assumption that there’s finite magic and that the governing board can limit your magic allotment. The MC is from outside their world, so his ideas are weird, which leads to mixing magic in maverick ways, and when it borders on ideology from different location, magicians from those areas try to invoke copyright infringement on him to limit his access. And it usually inhibits his abilities at the wrong time in the story.

For min, I don’t really impose a limit on her abilities, but more as its a self-discovery system, it helps her work on the level of greater beings while not being one herself.

But it could work that way: finding a quicker method of incantation would speed up your fighting speed, making you far more dangerous than any other mage, for example. I’ve seen a manga or two use this angle.

And if there’s an amplifier aspect to magic, then learning more about that will make you stronger with less magic cost, theoretically, so it’s not out the question for it to work like that.

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Yes, but somethimg you wouldn’t know unless you study ceremonial magick is that they take more things as payment than just souls. For example, sacrificing time to make art for the demon you want to summon counts. There are several demon you can talk to if you want to have stronger magical powers.

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Oooh, it really depends on the character and the universe they’re in!

But one thing that’s uniform across universes is that people generally increase their power through experience and training, but they can only get as strong as their natural peak allows them. Some people have a taller peak than others, so if you give two people the same amount of training and experience, one can be insanely powerful and the other can be just average. You can change your strength at a certain moment in time, but you can never change your peak, if that makes sense?

In the case of the Mondénes (natives of the realm of Otrâlmondé), they amplify their powers using magical jewelry. Most of them have magic, but not enough to actually use it, so they use stuff like rings and bracelets to amplify and channel their power.

Most mages amplify their power through sheer training. In some cases, they amplify their magic using a wand or staff. Very rich mages from Juvathon and Pristicine usually have special wands or staves that not only helps in exercising control over magic, but making it stronger too.

As for my main characters, the trio of humans? Just good ol’ training and experience :joy:

In the case of the Gifted Blood trilogy, those with powers usually increase their strength through training and experience. Some gifteds have passive abilities that allow them to get stronger in certain conditions. For example, one of my characters grows stronger in the presence of light, so she fights better during the day than at night. In the case of Edin, Damon, and other members of their dad’s side of the family, however, they can also gain strength from blood, whether it be through merely seeing it or ingesting it :skull:


They mostly just train and try to use their powers as much as possible. But they also had to “preform” their powers to a bunch of goddesses to kind of “set it in stone” like a ritual that allows them to keep it as they received the powers from a magical species.


If you are wondering, yes, Lucifer and Satan can help you do basically everything.

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Unknown at this point, or how it is determined… Other than being the children of the creators…


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It works in a manner of both ways, but it leans on the side of the species as a whole.

Gaian aren’t magical beings. They are humans with slightly extended lifespans. However, because some of are able to thrive in area or rather nations with high density of First Mist (so long as they take their liquid medicine), they can use some magic through gemstones. It is unlike Rhak or Zirken powers, because the powers, they use through the gemstones are mainly natural and elemental.

There’s not much to strengthen since they aren’t true magical beings like the Rhaks and Zirkens. They can just use the gemstones enough and master wielding them then over the course of weeks to months, they shall get better at it. It’s very rare that a Gaian would need a gemstone the same way Rhak and Zirkens use their magical powers.

Still, they normally use gemstones for mostly professional reasons and maybe daily life.

Then the Machina-Rhaks (ridiculously human looking robot that can wield magical powers the same way a Rhak can) are a strange bunch because a machine should be able to wield magical powers and abilities.

Yet there they are able to do things a Rhak can do magically.

NOTE: Can’t really decide how to properly explain how the Machina-Rhaks are able to wield magical powers. The same applies to Gaian-Rhaks too.

LOL! That’s is all I got. I hope that it made sense.

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Lol! Yup!

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Magic was corrupted in this universe, making its use a little… complex. They cast spells using runes/symbols, usually written on papers, drawn into the ground, or they use a wand to construct these symbols in their minds before casting them outwards.

Usually they will need a bonded item that’s akin to their base elemental magic. This helps them to tie their energy down and conduct it more productively. Mostly, they combine these items with their wands. Sometimes, it’s used apart. Like, if you’re an earth user you might carry around a pouch of dirt.

Using magic without a bonded item can lead to some serious consequences. Magic itself is, in a way, “sick”, it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, so it requires a lot of patience, concentration, and will.

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How does the jewelry amplify the powers? How do they know which one? How did they figure this out?

I’m looking for an answer like… how does it work. So, I’m thinking of a story of mine where creatures must use gems to channel their energy to create magick. They cannot create magick without gems. Certain gems connect to certain energies (energies differ depending on personality traits, genes, life history, etc.). Someone who can use multiple elements, for example, can only connect with the diamond which has a prism of colors meaning it has multiple elements.

So, like that. How do these jewels work to strengthen the different powers?

Now that is cool :smile: What would she do then if there was an ambush at night? And would artificial light work? Or firelight?

And how does seeing blood work for strengthening powers? You mean they can look at it and not touch it and become stronger? Does it have to be their own or someone else’s? Does it have to be human? (I’m assuming your characters are human :stuck_out_tongue: )

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If they don’t demonstrate their powers, what happens? Can they retain it through training? Would they eventually lose it?

Is there a limit to how strong they can be? Is there such a thing as too strong and if so, what happens?

Hmm, so it could be anything? Even a stone? If they lose it, they can’t do anything?

If someone were to be the strongest person that ever lived, what do they have to do to control this unruly magic?

It can be anything, so long as it’s connected to your core magic. If you lose it, it takes some time for the bond to fade, however, you’re not completely SOL. A bonded item makes it so that your will is tied to the object(s) making it so conducting your magic is easier. If you lost your item but need some kind of conduit you can pick basically anything although it’ll only be of a little help. If this item is very expensive, or very sentimental, usually it’ll be easier to use when not bonded, but it also bonds very easily (in the case of sentimental items, expensive items are a little unpredictable). Very rarely is a bonded item carried separately from the wand, though.

No differently. Magic is less about distribution and more about the user’s ability to manage/control it. I didn’t really do a distribution system, so the strongest magic user wouldn’t necessarily be the strongest because of a deep power well. He’d be the strongest because he/she has mastered control over their own will.

Even if there was someone born with a deep well of magic, if they lacked the will and patience to use it, it’d be very difficult for them and pretty dangerous for everyone involved.

Edit: ah should also mention there is a ton of training involved. they’re not just cast hopeless into the world with only some dirt to guide them lol

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Oooh, so it kind of goes something like this. You know how in Harry Potter, they use wands to channel magic instead of using only their hands (in general)? It’s a similar case here! Except instead of wands, they use rings, necklaces, bracelets, those things.

Actually I haven’t fully figured out how they came to use jewelry vs wands and how the first magical pieces of jewelry were made, but here’s what I have figured out: while the overwhelming majority of Mondénes have magical essence but too little of it to actually do magic, there’s a very tiny minority of them that have enough magical essence to use magic without external aids. One of them dropped a piece of jewelry in a cauldron brimming with potions, and found that his powers grew while wearing it. He launched a business selling magical jewelry and now it’s all over the realm!

They can actually use any magical jewelry they want! Unlike in Harry Potter, the Mondéne chooses the jewelry, not the other way around. There are some pieces of jewelry that may vibe with them better, but having a “wrong” piece of jewelry isn’t exactly a thing. Their magic is malleable, so depending on the jewelry they’re wearing, their powers change. For example, if they’re wearing a silver bracelet, they may gain the ability to fire lightning, but if they switch to a gold bracelet, they may gain superhuman strength instead. Some might have more powers depending on their jewelry, and how many pieces they’re wearing.

They mostly figured out it out by trial and error. Different materials and different symbols or patterns determine the superpowers one can gain from magical jewelry. Oh, and fun fact: precious stones don’t affect the powers at all, though it’s a common myth that’s used to make some pieces of jewelry way more expensive.

Oh, if the attack happened at night, she wouldn’t be weak. Just not at her peak ^-^ Artificial light doesn’t work, but fire light does. Natural light works.

As for the blood power, yes, they can just look at it from a distance and become stronger. They only need its presence :joy: and it does work for any blood, whether it be their own, someone else’s, or even non-human blood. The exception being when they’re bleeding and they drink their own blood—it doesn’t work that way because technically your system’s still losing blood :joy: but if you stored your own blood beforehand, then entered the battlefield days later while in full health, you can bring a bottle of it with you to drink from to give you that extra boost.

The type of blood also determines how powerful you can get. Blood from a human gives more strength than blood from an animal. Blood from a gifted—a person who was born with magic or superpowers—gives way more strength than blood from a regular human, A.K.A. an ordinary. And if you drink the blood of a very powerful gifted, then that’ll give you unreal power compared to blood from a weaker gifted.

So, if you ever come up in a battle against them, don’t bleed :skull: especially in front of Edin, his bloodlust curse means that he also enters a frenzy if he anyone bleeds on the battlefield.

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I actually have multiple characters, that fit into all of these categories.

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Good to know :stuck_out_tongue:

How does one get him out of a frenzy?

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Pick the one you think is most unique.

Well, uh, there are multiple ways.

  1. Wait it out. He may stop eventually but this takes the longest time :ragejoy: and, if he used a monstrous amount of power during his frenzy, he might pass out as soon he as he reverts back to normal.

  2. Yell at him to stop. But it doesn’t work the first time; you’ll have to scream at him repeatedly. “It’s already dead!” is one of the magic phrases.

  3. Literally knock him out of it. He doesn’t have to be knocked out cold, but just forcefully shove him. Jerk him awake, haha.

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I have not worldbuilded that deep yet. Whenever it was discovered it was centuries back before my characters existed! Maybe it was just a ritual thing at first and then they realize “oh hey this DOES something”.

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In January, February, March, the MC has this wooden sword that, instead of actively being used for combat, he performs a ritual to fuse with it which strengthens his magical attack powers. The downside is it also strengthens some of his other strength…so things like hugging would be problematic, except for he can perform the ritual again to unfuse. Which is good, because he loves hugging.

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