How does one edit videos for YouTube that is completely free and decently good?

I am still thinking about making YouTube videos focusing on me and my joys of writing and a bit of my daily life.

I just have one lingering problem which is how I do I edit YouTube videos.

I really don’t know the first thing about editing videos and that is important for my WriterTube videos that I plan on making.

It needs to be free and needs to be good. Anything that cost money is a “no” for me because I don’t have cash anymore after losing my usual income a month ago.

So, can you help a buddy out?
Tell me which video editing sites or apps are great/decent and totally free?

Lend me your thoughts!

If you have a Microsoft computer, it may already come with a video editor or you can download one—Windows Video Editor, I believe it’s called, or Window’s Movie Maker.

iMovie might be another one?


I have a HP desktop and a Dell laptop, so yes, I do have Microsoft. I also have android devices too.

I have many options but overall, I do have Microsoft.

Is WVE (Windows Video Editor) really that good or overall decent?


Hitfilm Express and OpenShot are some free video editors.


If you can make something like this with it, then it must be good

I have some questions for you all which might make things tricky for me as a WriterTuber.

What if I do a WriterTuber channel where I show little of my face, do voiceovers, but still manage to pull the people watching into my writing world somehow?

Hmm…actually I think it is better to just show my face and talk to the viewers like aren’t really there.

I might as well just suck it up and deal with it.


I made a video. It isn’t on YouTube, but I managed to make one.
I was a bit confident in making it. It surprised me a bit. I guess I was having a silly fun time.


NOTE: The video I’ve made was actually a test run just to see if I am capable of doing it.


Yay, you :smile: It’s good to just practice talking to a camera and get used to hearing the sound of yourself talking to a camera :stuck_out_tongue:

I did faceless YouTube for a while before I was fine with showing my face. But it did help me get used to being a video person :stuck_out_tongue: Somehow, I become something else when I film myself.


I have a plan for my YouTube channel.
I might do a vlog with mentions of writing.

My only gripe is that I don’t have an exciting life personally.
No job, car, and I barely leave my house or do much of anything productive.

So, who really wants to see that? When I look a vlog on YouTube, people have far more interesting lives than me.

So, this is something I am contemplating about.

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I have only 47 subscribers and they probably long forgotten about me and not only that I gained those subscribers through my crappy AMVs that I’ve made when I was a crazed Hetalian.

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I am going to watch YouTube editing videos tomorrow, so that I can learn how to make an aesthetic-type vlog where I write fiction, watch anime, leave my home from time to time, and do a bit of other vlog related things, but I am barely speaking and showing my face as well.

Thanks StudyTube and others for giving me ideas!
I hope it works out for me. :grinning:

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You have subscribers? Can I be one? :lurkingwisp:

If you don’t want to post your channel yet here, DM me?

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Good luck and have fun :wink:

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Yeah, only 47 though. I am fairly certain those people long forgotten about me and/or no longer use YouTube anymore…probably.

That was way back when I heavily into an anime called Axis Powers: Hetalia.

You can find me on YouTube and subscribe, but I don’t have any videos yet. I would wait until I actually have something. Sorry.

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I have to have fun because I need to have fun and enjoy doing something new. LOL!

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Nah, I want to support, so I’m subscribing :wink: Is it qualeshia? Or another name?

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I think I found it. Qualeshia Marshall?

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Qualeshia Marshall
There’s a blue anime scenery for my profile picture.

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Thanks for subscribing to my channel.

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