How many fictional species and races are currently in your fictional world at the moment?

If you could guess off the top of your head.

The many races, ethnicities, nationalities, species, cultures and traditions that exist in your fictional world. Do you have a guesstimate of how many there are?

NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIST ALL OF THEM DOWN IF THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY!!! Just either list a FEW or tell me the amount by guessing.

If you want to discuss more about them, then by all means do so.

Lend me your thoughts!


Uhhhhh [pulls out master list] 32 overall but more if you include the many subspecies



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Yeah the list keeps getting longer :sweat_smile:

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Depends on which world:

In the Game of the Gods is supposed to be something like 30ish sentient established species, but the main story line has: Lizard-kin, Dark Elf, Light Elf, Halflings, Humans, Dwarves (built twice as wide as you expect, able to carry more weight than a war horse), Trolls, Minotaurs, then there’s groups that aren’t an established species but are definately worth giving a seperate status original goddess (Eve analogue, vaguely human), one Hummingbird Fairy, a slug-human God, a 7-winged God with his personal angels (2 wings, very obviously female, way taller than other beings, were never supposed to breed), one half-angel-half-dwarf…

The dark brotherhood’s Magick 101 book has easily 100 seperate species already detailed out and maybe 6x more that to go? Most memorable? Cthog’Og’Morpog, the Dragon Spider, damn huge thing he is.

I’ve got half-formed thigns that are ogres, orcs, stone-skinnend, traditional vampires, lizards, weird 3-eyed “birds” squid aliens, just no end to what I’ll put up with.

The Fairways Empire: humans, demons (succubi and their ilk), fairies of multiple species (3 dealt with are traditional forest growth sexy things, decaying crone-esques who specializes in mushrooms, depths of the earth hive-like weirdness, some shape changer that is like a werewolf–can’t remember what one right now, but it’s something you have to destroy inch by inch to make it die, spiders made out of swords, sentient holy swords, fertility goddess statues that can think but have difficulty communicsting…

The Assassin’s Journals holds to the assumption that all sentient beings are human. But it has Elves (with a different abdominal muscle structure than humans, and gold skin), Dragons (humans that can shape-shift to dragon’s), walrus-based , cat-based, Anubis-like shapeshifters, Satyrs, but most everything is registered as human, and is human enough to not be noticed as anything but humans, even if they are too fast to be human, too big, too strong, have very weird abilities, it’s only the ones really outside the norm that get called things.

The werewolf stuff up on Wattpad is just strains of werewolf and humans (including mutants) 1 Werewolf that turned into a God with antler horns (he keeps breaking them off because he’s a predator, not prey, damn it), two women have been sirens (lamprey bite structure). I don’t want to add a lot to them.

Big Girls Bite needs to be worked on, but it starts with vampires that are like succubi, but will branch out to other species being made…and show that vampires aren’t what they seem to be.

And I’ve got one thing that supposed to center on a kind of swamp thing triggered by the bombing of Japan in WWII. She will be surrounded by werewolves, for now, but it’s not supposed to be some sort of romance… don’t know what I want to do with that.

So, species aren’t hard for me to come up with. I could pull something together right here and now.


Damn. LOL!

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I envy you just for that. LOL!

So, about that dragon spider? That is an interesting combination of species.

It’s a problem :rofl:

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This is reminding me that I still have a lot of world building to do. :scream: I need to work on this. :grimacing:

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Hmm, well, Wodeland currently has maybe 6 or 7 different species?

Avians, Felians, and the Scurries are the most common so far. Although “Scurries” is the name of the gang of squirrels and not the name of the species. I haven’t decided the species name. Same with the talking animals. There’s also some kind of other…magical human species that are part lizard or part Medusa, not sure.

And then we have the magical rats who don’t have a name yet either.

This is currently in my current drafting story. If you want to know Elgana, I’m guessing, including the subspecies, probably around 20-30 or so. I haven’t named all the Human subspecies yet but there’s probably around 10 or so. And around 10 Halfhuman subspecies.

Actually, Elgana might have more than 30 different species.

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For ‘Champion in Love’, the conflict is between the humans from Earth who crossed the portal during Roman times and the ‘Barbarian’ population of the world. There is one mixed blooded character, but he is not a main. I know peeps love that as a main but it doesn’t work for my story.

I don’t feel I need more worldbuilding to tell this story than that. In fact, it will be detrimental, because it will dilute the conflict between the lovers. I describe the differences in broad strokes. They, like, in all ethnic hatred based conflict, are not even important. The hatred is.

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I wouldn’t know about species (yet) but for now there are quite a few.

For races (or non-human beings), there’s roughly five or so.

Victorians—humanoid sorceresses.


Koelegians—also magical beings but not exactly humanoids.

Adusan—a vampire-like creature.

Vexols—non-humanoid alien beings.

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It’s under the assumption that dragons boink anything that moves, as well as rocks…which fits in with Greco-Roman history and a lot of fantasy rule #34. Cockatrice is either a rooster’egg hatched (don’t ask me) or a dragon decided to play with it’s food (again, don’t ask me).

But just how easy?

I’m looking at one of my glass vases that survived my kids, so far.

Then thinking of jellyfish:


And cloud castles:

What happens when a Mage makes a glass-like cloud-castle sentient jellyfish for his home? Articulated to a shiny pastel purple diamond glass pattern?

Honestly, I’d expect it to have Unikitty’s personality from those Lego movies, combined with a computer-combat system which would snap them out of their manic emotional state. It would have a octopus-like beak right off the kitchen–which can communicate and would be like “Feed me, Seymour” to the passing maid just trying to make a living in this madman’s house. Of course, behind the mouth would be the pantry, so this critter acts like it’s eating you every time you move food in and out of it’s artificial stomach.

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I’ve created my first high fantasy world so there aren’t that many species yet, but I’m having so much fun with it! I don’t really count them, but I can give you a run down of the main ones

Serum of Life people

Humans with elemental magic. Main categories atm are lightning, water, fire, steam and plant manipulation. The first occurs sporadically, the second, third and fourth are connected to a people and culture and the last also occurs sporadically, but is connected to witchcraft.

Fire and Water people
These people used to live in harmony, led by two monarchs, one with fire powers and one with water powers. This was to symbolize equality and fairness between their people since there were some disbalances in power levels between the two forms of elemental magic. Water people were stronger in general, but when provoked fire people often came out on top. After years of peace, one particular fire monarch became overly obsessed with this power disbalance and when she lost her daughter in a way that suggested death by water powers, she declared war on the water people, despite the water monarch trying to reason with her. This resulted in a war that killed so many that both people had to merge into one people to support themselves. Afterwards there were rumors of manipulation by the fire queen’s councillor, but these were never confirmed. Nowadays the Fire/Water people remember the war and Fire Queen as a story to warn children about prejudice and blind fear.

Fire-Water people
What remained of both the water and fire people after the war. Due to mixing between both elemental magics, members of this people may posssess steam magic, heat magic, damp magic or vapor magic next to fire or water magic. This intermixing became a symbol of the people’s love for each other and a way to remember many people did not want this war. Due to this mono-elementals are often seen as extremists or people who did want the war that cost so many lives, even when they are not at all.

People who can shape shift. There are three categories:

Human shifters can only shift between human complexions and sizes. This shifting takes place naturally and occurs spontaneously from the moment of birth until the shape shifter can take control of their shifting. Because of this shape shifters have a very vague to non-existant idea of sex or gender binary (or any such categorical system in the first place) which has resulted in clashes with conservative non-magical humans. Aside from that they face scrutiny as they are theorized to get away with crime easier due to their powers. In terms of race there are certain rules in place within the shape shifter community as this is still a sensitive topic within the human community. Race-shifting is for example only allowed when it would be life saving.

antropomorph animal shifters can give animal shapes and appearances to their limbs, resulting in antropomorph animals/animal features. Most of them take up jobs like non-magical humans would, but some of them make use of their powers to achieve what others cannot. (and yes, some of them are furries)

full shifters who can change between human forms, animalistic forms, animal forms and object forms (the majority of this category contains demons).

non-magical humans
Just humans humaning. They mainly live in big cities, but might also populate smaller villages. Regarless of enviornment the human race stays pretty divided overall despite individual attempts at uniting different social groups and partial success in that aspect. They also seem to be the most religious species, revering many deities between them (so many the dwarves started to mock them for it). After a turbulent period of conquest, upsetting majorly (but not only) the dwarven people, humanity stays pretty peaceful, until they find something new to bicker about.

Some humans practice Witchcraft, Wizardry or Heroism, meaning they respectfully work with the powers of nature, study non-elemental magic and train to master it or train to become a hero (often in the classic Western sense of the word).

Probably the most assertive and kick-ass race in this world. Very progressive, diverse and accepting. They really care about community, putting their fellow dwarves at the centre of their actions, without sacrificing their own diginity and integrity. Because of this they look down on humans and elves for their dividedness or passivity. They simply don’t understand how you could dislike someone based on etnicity, gender or sex or how you could look away from injustice. Dwarves are in charge of most gemstone trading and tool creation, making themselves unmissable to many people. This has proven to be a handy tool to them in supporting marginalized communities within other races by withdrawing trade from unsupportive cities or villages. On the other hand their access to riches also made them a huge target of human conquest, eventually forcing them to retreat into the mountains they obtained their materials from and to enchant the entire region so no animous creature could ever find them.

The writers and scribes of the world. They own huge libraries and many elves have a job as scribe or librarian, recording, archieving, sorting and studying the history of all people in the land. Due to their role as recorders of history, elves tend to stay out of conflict, claiming they must stay impartial. However, not everyone appreciates this stance, calling it cowardly behavior. Aside from that elves are known for their endless kindness and peacefulness.

Not really figured out their role, but they are people that can turn into huge snakes at will or do a half-half where they appear with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake. They are a shy and cauteous people that generally stay out of conflict and kind of figure things out on their own. They are reigned by a king who is strict and direct, but kind and just.

sludge people
Creatures that prey on innocent passer-bys to drag them into huge pools of mud, muck or swamp water to drown them and make them one of their own. They are mercyless and when angered can throw up or spit acidic liquids.

Exist, but don’t really form a community. More so they are the individual souls of the deceased. Often those who still have bussiness left on earth or did not finish all of their life/wished/desires.

There exist many kinds of demons, most evil, some benevolent. They possess great feats of power, often able to cause great storms, shape shift into anything or suck the air out of an entire room.

*Note, some people are describes as being human. This does not mean the people/race is exclusive to humans, just that I have not thought them out in the context of other races.

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