How many magical races/species does your fantasy/sci-fi story have that isn't mortal?

These are the races and species that can wield magical powers or even superpowers depending on the story. Yet these races/species aren’t mortals, though they can look like humans, but are not. These races are either born with magic or develop it over time.

So, how many does your story have? What type of magic can they wield? Are these races/species humanoid or something else? Does the mortals in your story wield magic or are they powerless? Do mortals/humans even exist in your story?

Tell me all about it!
Please and thank you!


Generally, when they are immortal, I limit their replication. If you never die and can have a kid a year, and that just increases, soon there’s no room for anything else.

This means that they don’t really count as a species because they don’t hsve enough of them to be recognized as one.

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Depends on how you define “mortal”

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Tell me, what your definition is?

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In my stories “mortal” = “able to die and stay dead”

Then there’s also the varying definitions of “immortal”. Sometimes it’s “can’t die”. Sometimes it’s “temporary dies but always revives”. Sometimes it’s “very long life span”. It really depends on from whose perspective


About two? I guess.

Sorcerers (either Human or Halfhuman) and the Shaa both age slowly and hence have very long lifespans, so are immortal.

Sorcerer Humans are born with a gene that allows them to access the magick in the air. They can come from Sorcerer Human parents, or non-Sorcerer Human parents as the gene is a recessive gene in Humans. Humans from Earth, long ago, only realized that some of them had this gene once they came to Elgana.

The Shaa are shapeshifters born with magick, so they can look humanoid if they want to. They are the most ancient naturally magical creatures who have lived without evolving much since the beginning of their existence.

The Seven Guardians are of various races and species. They can even be Humans. The moment they become a Guardian, they will gain the Guardian magick and age much slower. So slow that it looks like they have stopped aging.

Magick abilities differ depending on the Guardian’s own abilities and skills, and often comes out as elemental magick through the Guardian’s stone.

For example, there’s an orange stone. A flying type Guardian who powerfully soared the skies before can now manipulate the wind and hence create storms. But his successor who receives the stone used to live in cold areas before. He may be able to manipulate the temperature in the air and create ice storms or heatwaves. Similar idea, slightly different magick. Don’t know what you’ll get.

There’s only one mortal race that has a little magick—Kattaluna, the blue bipedal feline race. They are the only bipedal animal race left alive.

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