How Much Does Your Handwriting Change?

I’m curious, because mine changes A Lot from day to day.

This was March 4th:

And this was March 7th:

Typically speaking, these are kind of on the two extreme ends of my hand writing. Usually it’ll be somewhere between the two. But like- This feels like a huge amount of variation for three days and that I know of, this kind of swing isn’t that common.

And I’m curious to see how other people’s handwriting behaves.


Mine is all over the place. If I try hard, it can look neat and somewhat okay. If I don’t, it can look sloppy and even hard to read. But normally, my handwriting is a mixture of basic print and cursive.

My handwriting at 16:

My handwriting at 23:

My handwriting now, at 25:


Oooo, pretty :eyes:

I don’t put any conscious effort into writing print/cursive/nice/messy, which might be why mine is so chaotic?

Idk it just changes a lot.

Also the cat doodle is adorable.


Haha :sweat_smile:

Same. I don’t put any effort into mine lol. Unless I have to, but even then, it’s not as pretty as the people I know. Even my fifteen year old sister has WAY better handwriting than I do and I’m so jealous.

This is what it looked like in 2020, when she was thirteen.

This is now, when she’s almost sixteen.

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My handwriting is chaotic, changing directions. If I print in caps it’s better.

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One of those people I see lol

Her hand writing looks like all of the girls’ in school.

And for awhile I was super jealous, but then I realized mine is actually kind of super adorable?

And also if you think of it as the written equivalent of the sound of your voice, then suddenly the idiosyncrasies that make up your script seem less like imperfections and more like bits of character.


My all caps is horrible lol :laughing: But chaos hand writing is sometimes fun!

A bit of a secret code when you have as many siblings as I do (8, all younger, and must still in the crazy child ages)…


It is the bastard child of print and cursive

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