How often does Story Statistics refresh


I saw this other thread , and I thought why not make one based on Story Statistics?

Do you feel like there’s a set hour when they update? I honestly don’t. I also feel like it doesn’t work half of the time which is quite sad as the Engaged Readers is an aspect they use for Creators :sweat_smile:


Mmm, I tend to check around night time eastern time and usually it changes by then, but sometimes it doesn’t like when the tags freeze


Yeah, I noticed it too! Right now, there’s a Partially Degraded Service and it shows a problem with ranks while analytics is operational, but I think it’s correlated to each other :see_no_evil:

Hi :wave:t4:

Are the engaged readers stagnant for your stories too?

Yes, ER was intermittently broken for a while. However, it tracks a year, so it’s like… not so bad.

Emilia tracks stuff here… the stats don’t always