How to deal with negative readers

To this point I’ve only been blessed with the most sweet, positive and encouraging readers. I’ve felt really lucky and thought that it was because my books were only read by a few, kind people who also were my followers and friends.

Recently, however, the rankings for one of my books has severely improved and I’ve gotten more and more readers. (Or at least people who put my book in their reading list - if they read it or not, I don’t know!:woman_shrugging:t3:)

Today, I got a person who read several of my works and left hurtful comments on all of them. They told me to never write again, that my writing was horrible, that my book was the worst book ever written and they laughed at the fact that I had so few reads(This person had only books with thousand and millions of reads on their reading list, while my hugest book has 1.6k reads.).

This made me really sad, even though I know this is just an arrogant person wishing to show how much they know about writing(I’ve only posted quite untraditional stories on my Wattpad profile.). They even said that the storytelling in one of my poems was horrible. (Why would you say that about a poem?)

So, my question is: How do i cope with this? Should I block this person? Answer the comments? Delete the comments? Let them be?

Also, how do I make the comments not affect me? I feel I’ve totally lost the spirit to write, even though that was exactly the thing I’d planned to do today. It’s difficult not to believe in what the comments say …

Any advice is highly appreciated!:blush:


That person sounds like a troll so block away. It’s up to you whether to delete the comments or not. Personally, I think I would because… Troll. There’s a biiiig difference between trolling and constructive criticism.


Thank you for the answer!
What makes me hesitant to delete the comments, though, is that I don’t want to censure my comments so that I only have the lovely, sweet comments. You know: Only allowing my readers to see “Cheerful start” and “Positive beginning” instead of “:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: who starts a book like this?”. After all, not everyone will like how I start my book … :woman_shrugging:t3:


Oof! First of all, let me offer you some ice cream :icecream:
Those always help me when I’m down.

Thing is, as a writer you are bound to get some haters now and then. Best of all is just to ignore the comments. If it makes you feel safer, block the person. One thing I learnt from dealing with haters is DO NOT ANSWER THEM. It makes the situation worse and I have been through shitty stuff because I did that mistake, so 100% do not communicate with those haters. You can delete the comments (though I feel they are unnecessary) as they won’t affect much of your reputation and that single comment is boosting your stats despite it being a hurtful comment.

I hope this hurtful comment won’t kill your writing dreams but instead make you stronger!


:heart:Thank you for the ice cream!:icecream: I think I needed it!

Thank you so much for the advice! I’ll make sure to not answer them back. Your encouragement means a lot! :blush:

One thing I notice about writers is that there are a BUNCH of arrogant B*astards inbetween them… I went to a writing competition once and what I noticed was that nobody was talking to eachother. They all had their noses stuck in the air like trying to say like ‘look at me I’m the best writer in the room and you all suck’ it was a horrible experience… While being on forums like the former WP one and what I notice here is that there are also a lot of nice writers out there who want to help another writer be better.

What I’m trying to say is that there’s all sorts of people and writers. The fact that this person has a lot of reads and laughs at you because you, in their eyes only have a ‘few’, proves that this person is not out to help others, but only smells their own sh*t because they think it smells like roses. I never understood why people have to waste their time by putting down others. They are just bullies and you should NOT pay attention to them. Do not answer, doe not react. Leave the comments because they are entitled to their own opinion and other readers will exactly see what you saw. A person who just wants to be hatefull and that doesn’t help their own popularity :wink:

The bad thing is though that every writer, or person for that matter remembers the one hateful thing that’s been said instead of the multiple great and nice ones. My advice though… do not pay attention to negative things and ignore it best you can. Negativity never helped anybody :slight_smile: You want to write, then write. If your story makes YOU happy then that is all that matters :slight_smile:

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That would infuriate me so kudos to you for realising this arrogant person is just being a twonk noodle. As for me, I normally keep comments like that to be petty and increase my comment count because no matter how bad the comment it still increases exposure. But I understand if it hurts too much to think about that for a while. I’d recommend taking a few days off the site til you feel better. Writing is hard.


Honestly @LucindaAmare has pretty much said what I was going to say.

Just ignore and delete.
I know you say you want to be careful with deleting, but if they are just nasty and bringing you down and not constructive criticism, then delete them. Do it for your own sake. There’s a large difference between constructive criticism and just criticism, and that toxicity just isn’t what writers need, because with most it’ll just end up tearing you up. (general you there)


There’s a difference between negative feedback and downright personal attacks. Negative feedback should at least be constructive in nature. Like, for the example where the person didn’t like the beginning, they should explain why they think so (i.e too much passive voice, too much exposition, etc)

You shouldn’t feel bad about deleting their comments. They sound like they get a kick out of bringing people down. Just delete it.


Yup, you should probably just delete. That person is obviously just a troll being vicious for some reason. Notice how they read the whole book just to leave a nasty message on the first and last chapters? Why read a book if you hated the first page? They evidently get some kind of thrill out of harassing people. I think that when you delete comments, the number of comments remains the same on your book as if they were still there even though they’re gone, if I’m not mistaken, so you’re not losing anything by deleting. Someone correct me if I’m wrong about that…


Thank you for the answer and for reading my book!:heart:

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Sure! It was lovely! I was pleasantly surprised, and I honestly don’t know what that person had to complain about. If they were a writer I’d say they were maybe intimidated by your writing, but it’s evidently just a reader, so who knows? Some people just get a kick out of hurting others. Delete, block, forget is truly the best advice. ( ^◡^)っ✂


Block the reader and delete the comments. Don’t engage. This person has their own demons, and you shouldn’t give them any of your energy.


When it comes to these kinds of people and comments, you cope with it by ignoring it. What they say doesn’t help you get better as a writer, and quite frankly, it isn’t necessary or needed in any way, shape, or form. However, it is the internet and you’re bound to get someone who makes nasty remarks that aren’t going to help you improve or give you some sort of constructive feedback that allows you to grow.

There’s a video by Merphy Napier, a BookTuber, where she answers questions and gives her viewers an insight to BookTube secrets, like talking about behind the scenes and whatnot. Well, in one of the answers she gives, she mentions that she gets a lot of hate comments that have nothing to do with the content of the video (such as the topics of what she talks about), but instead, make critical comments about her content (“Why are you talking about books? That’s boring.”) to comments about her (“Your voice is annoying.”) And that is a reason why she doesn’t read (or respond) to the majority of her comments (at least, after the first twenty-four hours). She doesn’t want to see the hate. So having people give you hate is inevitable because there will always be people who do that, whether you like it or not, no matter what platform you’re on or where you go. If you put yourself or your work out there in any kind of way, you will receive hate comments of any and every sort.

So the best way to deal with it is to just ignore it. And yes, while these comments hurt, it is also worth noting to learn to grow a thick skin so it doesn’t hurt so much. For me, I welcome any and all kinds of feedback, and while I don’t like hate comments, I don’t particularly mind them because I find them humorous to read. When someone says, “Stop writing. This is the worst book ever,” I laugh because they’re doing whatever they can to seek attention and get a reaction out of me because they’re bored and want some sort of amusement. They get a thrill from creating drama, and also for putting their unsolicited opinions around, believing their opinion is more superior… when it isn’t.

Now, should you block this person? Well, that’s up to you. If you personally feel like they’re going to continue to harass you, go ahead and block them. Report them, even. Especially if they do start going on every single chapter or story you post just to tell you they hate it, then yes, report them.

But if this is a one time thing, like they tried reading your other works to see if they could get into it but couldn’t, and left the comment and bounced and will never show up again, then don’t waste any breath on them. No need to block or report them, and definitely don’t answer their comments either if you put any emotion into the response. When you respond to these comments, you want to be monotone; emotionless. You don’t want it to sound like you’re offended at all (because that gives them the satisfaction that they succeeded in their efforts to get a reaction out of you), but instead, you want to sound like you’re proud that they gave the time and energy out of their day to read and comment on your book. After all, even though they gave you a bad review, it still means more exposure for you. However, if you don’t want to see these kinds of hate comments (as these are different to constructive criticism) then you are fine to delete them. No one will judge you for it.

As for making these comments not affect you… differs as it varies from person to person. My advice, though it’s vague and not necessarily helpful, would be to learn to leave your emotions at the door whenever you receive a negative comment. It isn’t easy to do, but the more you do it and understand that not everyone is going to love your work (let alone express it), the more it’ll be easier to not feel such a gut-wrenching pain in the pit of your stomach whenever it happens.

For me, I learned this by getting more critical comments on my work to help me see what was wrong along with allowing me to not be so egotistic toward it. The more honest people were with my writing (and giving me detailed descriptions of what I could do to improve), the more I was able to open my mind and understand that I wasn’t the greatest writer that I thought I was. This helped me get on a track to studying about storytelling, the craft, and writing itself where I learned to be more critical of my own work and when people gave me bad reviews, I was able to be open-minded to their comments and what they had to say. But through this, I had to figure out what comments were the ones that were honest and not troll-like. For example, if someone said, “This scene sucks. You need to stop writing…” it’s a troll that I don’t pay any mind to. But if someone said, “This scene sucks. It’s so slow and boring…” it gives me the opportunity to look into this issue. When I do this, I look at it from a reader’s and critic’s perspective: is it actually slow or is it just an opinion that one person doesn’t agree with or like? Is it boring like they say? Is there any pizazz, flavor, or spice that helps the story stay intriguing but furthers the plot?

The more I was able to leave my emotions out of the equation (and think logically than offensively) the more I was able to feel less threatened and heartbroken over these comments. Do I like them? No. But I welcome them with open arms, and no matter what type I get, I don’t get wrapped up in their meaning or spend too much of my time wallowing in self-pity. At the end of the day, don’t let someone’s negative opinion stop you from writing. :wink:


Aw, I’m sorry this happened to you! Don’t let what they say get to you; I think you’re an amazing writer!! And don’t ever give up, because your writing has meaning and you never know if it’ll change someone’s life. Keep at it! :slight_smile:


Thank you!:heart:

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