How to properly explain to a professional that you've never met the REALLY important stuff (READ BEFORE COMMENTING)?

Thank you for mentioning that.
Yeah, I always found it odd how I was told one thing then told another thing instead of a possibility for both things.

I still firmly believe I have ADHD, but if it’s a thing of comorbidity or something like that with bipolar 1, I will be a bit more forgiving.

Still, I just don’t want to get treated purely for bipolar 1 and depression without exploring any possibilities that can be touch based on more.

sighs…Such is life.

You can’t. It’s impossible. They’ll either believe you or they won’t. Take it from someone who has been in the game for years. They’ll either listen and take it into consideration, come to the same conclusion, or blow you off for not being a medical professional.

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What am I suppose to do? Just accept that this is way things are and never get better or even try?

If I did that I might as well just give up on life and die.


Go in expecting to be disappointed. Then if they agree to help, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You might get lucky and get a good doctor who actually listens. There is always that chance. If they don’t, try again with another doctor and repeat the cycle until you find someone. It’s a long game. It’s hard. It sucks. But there are times where you will get lucky and find someone willing to help


So, go in expecting the worst then if things go fine, that’s a plus?
Honestly, I’ve been so tired of explaining this thing and watching myself get worst each and every time.

I honestly hate that is how I have to treat my situation. I could’ve died a million times yet didn’t because I fear death more than living.

So, I just some closure on this matter for good.
I can’t get defeated I am sorry…

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As sad as it is, when it comes to the medical industry, yes.

You have to keep on explaining until you find someone that listens. That’s how playing the game works. It’s a hit and miss but most chances are a miss depending on who you are, where you are, your situation and your medical background.

My main piece of advice is to not let yourself get discouraged. If they begin denying you help or making it clear they won’t listen, walk out and find someone else. Tell them what you’ve been saying to others in this threat. If that isn’t enough for them, then they’re not the right doctor to help you.

It really comes down to the following:

  • whether your doctor is in it to help or in it for the money
  • whether your doctor cares more about their ego and image than helping
  • whether your doctor is able to admit when/if they know they can’t help or not
  • whether they’ve dealt with this before

I understand what it’s like to go in, get blown off, and watch yourself get worse. I’ve been in that exact situation for the last 20 years of my life, and I am 20. It honestly just comes down to luck and your research on that particular doctor you’re seeing, but mostly luck

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There is a 20% correlation or something like that. So there is a fairly high chance of having both issues when you’re 7% of the population for 1 and 2% for the other.

And some bipolar are 24/7 “having issues”, so it’s not like this out of the question.

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I get you are telling me not to get discouraged but I am seriously even more scared than I was originally.

I just don’t want to be scared and unsure anymore!
Why should I be scared of getting help then fall right back into the same pattern?

It isn’t fair for me or anybody else to get that sort of treatment.
Sorry, if I am getting emotional, I am just viciously worried for my sanity and future.

Seriously, I am just so damn tired…

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You have a legit reason to be stressed. The people you’re going to are for care of the very distress you’re having.

Just remember it’s always more upsetting before it’s fixed.

That being said, this was likely an issue with your meds (no one was there but your doctors and you, but this is a known issue):

So you can check your former meds against what this is saying.


It is exhausting. I really do understand that I really do hope you have a hell of a lot more luck getting help than I do because, unlike me, you actually do have a chance of getting it.

The medical system is fucked. There is always a chance you won’t be believed. I’m not going to hide that from you because that is the truth of the matter. But there is also a chance that you will be believed and that you will get help.

In the event you get turned down again, you are allowed to be angry and upset, but don’t let that stop you from trying again. You know yourself better than any doctor ever will. You know there’s something wrong. It could be what you say it is, it could be your medication, it could be something else entirely. The point is that you know there is a problem. All you need to do now is make people listen and, sadly, that is the hardest part.

Explain your medical history. Explain what you’ve already had done. Explain your current situation. Explain what you think the problem is and why. Make it clear that you know what you are talking about because you do. If they’re a good doctor, they will listen to you. If they don’t, walk out and try someone else. You are allowed to do that.

Oh, and never be afraid to give them a good old fashioned guilt trip or interrupt them to say “you are not listening to me”


I appreciate that.
I’m just fighting for something that I should had help with years ago.
Nobody, as I was getting older help in a way that I should and I scares because I thought I would never get the proper help I needed!

I just can’t handle knowing I have a serious problem but nobody want to hear it while I believe the lies I was told!

I honestly didn’t want to cry but holy hell this hurts!

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Thank you for helping.

I am just really tired of feeling so alone in this problem and scared that I might not make it because of it.

I am dancing on a tightrope with my own life, wondering if one wrong move will be my downfall.

I hate that feeling.

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I can assure you you are most definitely not alone in this.

This is just one of those things where you gotta keep on fighting the system no matter how exhausting it is. Speaking from experience there

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Thanks for reassuring me. I really need that.
I don’t want to be alone in this type of situation.

I know, I know that I should.
I just hate coming across an obstacle and feeling so defeated that I can’t see anyway of overcoming it.

I…think I need a break…if I talk too much I might breakdown and cry hysterically and I don’t think I can continue crying anymore.

I’m just tired of the tears…
Can I just know what it is like to be truly happy for once?

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I am sorry for hitting you all with some heavy stuff.
I am just stressed, scared, and upset at how my life is going.

I just want things to get better for my mental health and overall lifestyle.
I don’t want to give up, but I don’t want to cry sad tears anymore.

I just want to cry happy tears when things take a turn for the better.
Sorry for things getting heavy in the end.


Completely understandable. It’s beyond frustrating and upsetting

If you need to take a break, take a break. If you need to breakdown and cry, breakdown and cry. If nothing else, it does help get some of the frustration and anger out of the system.

Just know that we are here to support you through this


Thanks so much that means a lot to me.


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