How to read Seacliff (or your fav Premium title!) for FREE on Tapas!

Hey Wacky Writers!

My romance/fantasy/historical fiction novel Seacliff is dropping tomorrow as a Premium title on Tapas, so I thought I’d put up a tutorial on how you can earn free Ink!

Ink is the in-app currency from Tapas, which you can buy in their store, or earn by watching ads, doing surveys, or through various promotions. You can use Ink to unlock paid episodes of novels or comics, or to support creators directly.

IMPORTANT note – BONUS Ink, which will mostly be the focus of this tutorial, can only be used to unlock Premium titles and it expires. So, keep an eye out for my tips and tricks to make the most of it!

First off, if you have a mobile device, I recommend downloading the Tapas app – that’s where you get the most promotions and discounts.

Secondly, if you haven’t signed up yet, you can use my invite code – ALCO243N – to earn 200 bonus Ink just for signing up!

TIP #1: Try to spend your bonus Ink as soon as you earn it, otherwise you might lose track of it and it can expire unused. Your unlocked episode will still be there even if you don’t read it right away.

Thirdly, subscribe to your favourite series, so you can get notified as soon as new episodes become available. On mobile, it’s the little bookmark symbol in the top right. On desktop, there’s a big button that says ‘subscribe’.

Now that you’re in…it’s time to stalk Free Ink opportunities!

TIP #2: If you have the mobile app, make sure to check in every Monday, on the ‘Inbox’ tab in the ‘Gifts’ section – at the top, there’s something called a ‘Fortune cookie’. You can tap it every Monday and it will give you free, bonus Ink. I usually get around 300-400 Ink…when I remember to check it, lol.

If you’re as forgetful as me, you can set this thread on watching and I’ll…set myself reminders to remind y’all of free Ink every Monday :rofl:

TIP #3: Again, on mobile (sorry, desktop users :sweat_smile:), you can enable 1-Tap, which gives you a discount on the cost of the episode. For a novel, I think an episode normally costs around 180 Ink. With 1-Tap, it costs around 108.

1-Tap basically means that you don’t have to confirm payment each time you scroll to a new episode – the amount is automatically deducted from your account. But don’t worry, you can’t scroll through by mistake. It takes…determined scrolling to actually pull up the next episode :rofl:

I think that’s it for today! Let me know if you have any Qs, I’ll try my best to answer them. The first 27 episodes of Seacliff are getting published tomorrow (*squeaaaal*), half of which will be free, so you can figure out whether you want to pay for the rest or not :rofl: As promised, I’ll try to remind you all if I come across offers and discounts, and absolutely do feel free to share with the class if I miss anything!

Thanks for tuning in :coolpineapple:


It’s Monday! (or, almost Monday in some parts of the world, haha)

Don’t forget to tap the Fortune Cookie & get your bonus Ink! which you can then spend on unlocking some Seacliff episodes hehe

Looks like you can get up to 1k Ink. I got 370 today :grin: That should be ~3 episodes from a novel with 1-Tap enabled in the app. If you haven’t joined Tapas yet, my invite code ALCO243N should give you 200 bonus Ink, too.

Look what just popped into my Tapas notifs!!

Go get that bonus Ink!!! then spend it on Seacliff :rofl: seriously, though, that’s 2500 free Ink which is roughly 23 novel episodes with 1-Tap. If you wanna read Premium stuff on Tapas, don’t miss out! :blush:

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Oh lol correction, it’s not 500 Ink every day :sweat_smile: looks like that was just the first day – I got 150 yesterday, but that’s still one novel episode! :grin:

That’s a really cool tutorial.

How’s your Tapas journey going so far?


Oh, thank you! Hope it helps some people, haha.

And honestly, I can’t complain - Seacliff has been up for a week and reached ~1.1k subscribers and ~5.5k views. Not sure how much that really means in the grand scheme of things, but I appreciate it, especially as it’s had no outside marketing (my social media game sucks lol and all Tapas has been doing so far is feature the story on its homepage).

It really helps, though, that they’ve got so many ways of earning rather than buying Ink. I’ve had a lot more unlocked episodes in a week than I was expecting (though, again, I don’t really have any numbers for reference).


Well, would you look at that :eyes:

Also, there’s a flash sale in the Ink shop as well, so you can buy more Ink for less money!

(soz, I couldn’t figure out how to change the currency, lol, so that’s Romanian prices you’re seeing :joy: feel free to share a $$ screenshot if you go take a look at the shop!)


Does Tapas come to you or do you apply to be a Premium title there? I know you can apply on Radish, or they just ask you from Wattpad.

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You can pitch to them, which is what I did back in January, but as you can see, there hasn’t been much activity on the topic since, so I’m not sure how up to date it is. Worth a shot, though, if you have a completed, non-mature manuscript that’s ~80k words long.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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It’s Monday, so don’t forget to check the Tapas app for your fortune cookie bonus! Also, Seacliff is on sale until Friday (30% discount + 3 free episodes gifted) and 2 new episodes are coming out on Thursday, so this is the perfect time to dive in if you’re interested :eyes:

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It’s Monday! Don’t forget to get your free fortune cookie ink!

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