How to worldbuild social customs

Does anyone know how I can effectively worldbuild social customs?

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What I do is look at customs around the world right now and in history. What is considered proper, what is rude, and why? Some of the most stupidest norms and values make sense if you look into them. You can use the customs you find as inspiration or straight-up copy it into your world. Google and Wikipedia are your best friend in this.


I think the best way to consider social customs is to look at the general climate of the world you’re building. I remember in one of our psychology courses, where we were taught that the climate of the area people live in contribute to whether there are collectivist or individual mindsets among the people. For example, if the climate of your area depended on hunting for food, the people would be individualist because hunting is a lone sport. If it depended on Agriculture, the people would be collectivist becuase farming takes people.
Then consider what they do to survive. Is it labour intensive? Does it require skill? Does it require perseverance? If your world is set in a place where dragons for example have taken control of the food supply chain and they have to be killed, then the social customs would be to honour dragon killers. Dragon killing would be taught in schools, dragon killers would be respected, dragon wards would be on doors, you would firsrt thank the dragon killers before every meal and so on.
Then make sure you have some good tragedies to inform your customs. Maybe your world was overtaken by an infestation that can only be helped by putting a sprig of a flower on the wall, and now, people do it all the time.
Lastly, look at what your people believe. Do they believe magic is real? Do they believe that it’s good, or bad? Do they believe that everyone practices it? If they believe it’s good, then maybe they have schools or something, or they have wise men and women they revere. If they believe its bad, they most probably have wards against it, and they can never ever practice it.