How to write for fun first then career second????

Okay, so I only recently started so take my words with a grain of salt.

I hope too to have my novel published in the future as a creative side project.

I recently worked as a freelance writer for GameRant and am working as a Copywriter intern for a mobile-marketing firm.

What I do is let myself apply everything I’ve learned from writing in academics, work, etc. to help my creative side of writing. Also, don’t look too far down the line, or it’ll make you freeze up with fear! Take one step at a time. One word, one sentence, and one chapter. If you can see your current creative project as a means of expression and storytelling and not, at the end of the day, something that has to be perfect to be sent off to publishing then that’ll help you a lot!

The first rough draft should be free, after all, ~ Free, in the sense that you are writing for writing’s sake. Worry about fine tuning the novel in the later stages!