How would you rank my characters [Kinda of a Poll, but not really lol]

So, I’ve been stuck with this ranking cause of their powers, especially the top three. I mean their powers and abilities are very ummmm deadly, hence why they’re in an organization that kills crime lords. I do have the slightest idea who goes at the top but when I think of their powers in-depth, they scramble again. So, Imma ask a public audience to help me with it, cause why not?

This is how I would rank them: [Except for the Top 3]
Note: Most of them are good combatants, except for Pia, Sylvester (if incapacitated and unable to use his power), Giuseppe (in his normal form), Jørn

1. Alina Zlobec

Powers: Fear Inducement, Intimidation Intuition, Phobia Intuition (she knows your fear just by looking at you), Menacing Presence (Her presence alone can scare you), Mental Pressure.
Abilities: Combat Skills far greater than Margaret, Very good with a Dagger

2. Margaret Del Torre

Power: Weapon Creation, Enhanced Artisan, Object Creation, Weapon Manipulation, Weapon Proficiency
Abilities: She’s immune to Alina’s fear manipulation, Great Combat Skills

3. Muna el-Idris

Powers: Sharpness Manipulation (she can make everything super sharp, even her touch can cut you), Cutting immunity, Sharp Body, Sharpness Inducement, Flight
Abilities: She’s very stealthy.

4. Pia Lindholm

Power: Plague Manipulation, Disease Creation and Manipulation, Regenerative Healing

5. Sylvester Mentis

Powers: Dance Inducement, Subordination (He can control your body)
Abilities: Since his ability depends on how strong people’s will are, his is very strong, so overpowering his will is not a small feat. Great swordsmanship

6. Yagami Ichigo & Ren

The twins are like one unit.
Powers: Dimensional Portal Creation (They can make a portal to the Titan Dimension), Titan Manipulation (They can manipulate the titan they summon from the portals), Twin Telepathy, Joint Movement
Abilities: Uses Katanas and very Agile

7. Giuseppe Sidoti

Powers: Personal Size Manipulation
He’s like the hulk when he grows big, but unlike hulk, he can grow bigger and stronger but as he gets bigger he gets dumber. He can also grow smaller, and as he gets smaller he’s faster and smarter.

8. Jørn Korsgaard

Power: Disaster Manipulation (Basically he can start any natural disaster)
He’s only at the bottom of the ranks because his power is not conducive to being an assassin lol

9. Edla Dabo

Power: Mythical Avian Physiology/Morph (Basically she can turn into a Mythical Bird)

10. Jae Perez

Powers: Rapid Cell Regeneration, Magic
He, later on, gained Reality Warping but he purposely failed the ranking and hid his powers. So, he can stay at the bottom but you can move him if you want.


Fear of scary, duh xD.

Controlling someone is no joke, especially if it work like 98% of the time because of will.

Reality warping can be long distance, so he could be stealthy and safe while ruining someone’s life.

Weapons are always useful, so unlimited access is great.

Very cool and again useful. I just put him here because I’m not sure how his powers work if he’s indoors… Unless he creates a tornado and tears the roof off or something lol.

These two have cool powers and I went back and forth on who should go at the top, but I decided Pia because again, long-range attacks.

Getting dumb isn’t great when you’re big and scary, and bring smooshable even though you’re smart isn’t great either xD. He could turn on his allies of he isn’t smart enough to realize they’re his allies xD.

It sounds like they need each other for their ultimate Titan control to work, so I worry if they get separated or one gets incapacitated that they aren’t as powerful.

Big bird is cool, really it is! But because I’m not sure what kind of bird she can become I have to rank her last. I’m not sure if she gains mythical powers, and if she’s in a small area them in assuming she can’t shift, so the power is limited.

Obviously, lots of the characters could be ranked all over. This was just my ranking because I thought of deadly plus useful plus what’s stealthy and could keep the character out of harm’s way for longer. :blush:


Thought so xD. though, aside from Margaret, someone else is immune to her but that’s going to be a spoiler

That’s exactly how he uses his power. But canonically, he has hidden his reality powers from their leader for personal reasons.

Indeed. That’s why I ranked her 2nd, but I do see your point in your ranking.

Ye, he’s very limited when using his powers. Very dangerous outdoors, but he’s very vulnerable indoors from enemies and also his powers. I mean, he’s not immune to Earthquakes lol

Pia can kill a whole stadium with a mutated Anthrax, that is if she’s not found. She has a very distinct range of clothes that could give her away.
Muna though is heavily melee-based.

Lol. Agreed. Though, the bigger he gets the more aggressive he becomes because there’s nothing more to do than, like in the words of Hulk, “to Smash”

Well, I should’ve clarified that. They can each summon their own titans, but of course, since they are like one unit, they’d be stronger together.

She can transform into an Impundulu, a mythical bird from South Africa that can summon thunder and storms. It is also vampiric.

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Ooo, nice.

That’s exactly how he uses his power. But canonically, he has hidden his reality powers from their leader for personal reasons.

Very cool :eyes:.

Oops xD. Duck and cover!

Pia can kill a whole stadium with a mutated Anthrax, that is if she’s not found. She has a very distinct range of clothes that could give her away.
Muna though is heavily melee-based.

See, now I want put Pia above the weather guy xD. But I also wonder, does time play a factor with her power? Like would she have to wait for idk cancer to get really bad before a person dies, or could she make it so they die immediately?

XD Green giants.

Ah! Well then I’d put them up more, maybe above the melee girl but below Pia.

I will now be googling :eyes:. And still cool… But still last for me, I think :see_no_evil:. Zapdos!

You’ve got some cool characters!

It does, but not that much. She can mutate diseases on-site. Make the infections more advanced. Like, if she gives cancer, she can advance the stages to something never heard before. She can kill someone ranging from seconds to months.
Her only weakness is her combat skills which practically non-existent

Basically, yes :joy:

Aww, thanksss. Though, this is just like the 1st or 2nd group that the main character is in. There’s a LOT and I mean A LOT of Characters.

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I’m a writer of giant casts, so I respect xD.

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Thanks. I would love to discuss characters but that would defeat the purpose of this thread ehe.

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Is bumping still a thing?

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