I am not a normal writer and I am realizing that now!

So, I had an epiphany while tossing and turning to get some sleep of all things.

Like I’ve mentioned, I am not in no way, no how, a normal writer. I don’t think there is truly a normal writer, honestly. But in regard to myself, I am not normal when it comes to writing fiction. The finished novel of The House of Naivin is proof of that, in terms of the story’s format. The story that I am working on now is being written in the same story format as my finished novel. Honestly, if I didn’t write it that way! I don’t think I would be able to finish the story and keep getting sidetracked by other things.

Writing my novels where the chapters are broken into a number of parts is WAY more my speed. So, my chapters are very long, but are broken into titled parts. That means the length of how many chapters I feel my story needs is shorter too.

So, I am not a normal writer who writes their story in a typical narrative format. I mean in the drafts, I shall write it in that way, but in the final product I will go to the “standard” story narrative format for possible publishing endeavors.

What are your thoughts and feelings on this? Tell me, because writing my stories in the very same way I wrote The House of Naivin is the ONLY way I can stay and continue on with the story.

Lend me your opinions, please?



What are your thoughts, if you even have any?

I mean, I don’t think there is a scientific method to creating a story that works for everyone, everywhere, 100% of the time but I’m happy to see that you were able to finally figure out a method that works for you.


True, true!
I am just glad I realized this is the only way I can start and continue a novel.

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if they are 3K, sometimes my chapters are 3 scenes.


Each part within the chapter ranges from over 2k to 3k and I a single chapter more than one or two parts. The chapter that I am working on now, has a total of eight parts and there is a total of fourteen chapter, all with eight parts. Chapter 0 which is the prologue, only has two parts in it.

Wanna do the math, if the word count is over 2k-3k?

I’ll have to take you at your word that your books are different from everyone else’s since I’ve never seen them. It does sound weird that you have a chapter 0, and that your chapters have parts. Titled, no less! By that, do you mean scene breaks? Usually people just separate their scene breaks with asterisks or some other divider. I don’t use dividers myself, but just add a couple of blank spaces and then begin the next scene with a drop cap, like the first paragraph of every chapter. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

I’d say that as long as the formatting works for that story, then the publishers won’t care. I’ve seen books with no dialogue tags, no capital letters, all three povs in one book, etc. There’s even a book that only has one sentence in it…one incredibly long, run-on sentence. Wild! ヽ(^。^)丿

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Yeah. Even stranger is that there are scene breaks with the already scene breaks.
Yes, I know it is a weird as hell way to write a story, but this is literally the only one I can stay focus on the entire story and keep on going.

I’ve tried it the other way, I either never get done, start something new, or give up way too quickly.

My brain works in mysterious ways, to be honest. :sweat_smile:

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2K 8 parts would be 250 words per part, and 3K would be 375.

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Hey, whatever works is good! Certain famous writers of the past had truly strange processes. Seems to me there was a horror writer who used to sleep in a coffin to get inspiration to write, if I remember correctly. So you’re perfectly fine, quite frankly. ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


Thank you so much!

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250k or 375k? My ever-loving god!

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You figured something out about yourself. You found something that works for you in terms of writing.

That sounds like a good thing to me! Do what works for you and don’t listen to what other people say about your way of working.

Honestly, if there was ever a writer who can only write while doing a handstand and meowing like a cat every thirty minutes, I’ll say to them, “do it if it helps you” :grin:


Thanks buddy.

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:person_shrugging: if it works it works. i don’t think its strange tbh, i’ve read plenty of books with their chapters broken into sections.

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No, no just 250 words for a single chapter of 2K words with 8 parts. lol


Why does this confuse me?

There are fourteen chapters in total (fifteen if you count chapter 0), each chapter has eight parts, beside chapter 0 which has only two, each of the parts is over 2k or 3k.
Right now, chapter 1 is at over 5k because I finished parts 1 and 2. The same applies to chapter 0 which is over 5k.

But chapter five will be longer, because it has eight parts.

I’m tired of thinking and apologize in advanced.


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250+250+250+250+250+250+250+250=2000 words. lol


I made an edit.
Sorry about that.


Why not just make every part a new chapter? And why not rename chapter 0 chapter 1 instead? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯